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Pushkin and Dumas - one person?

Recently heard (and then and saw on the Internet) interesting information. As if Pushkin fabricated the death and lived up to gray hairs under a name of the famous Frenchman. But whether so it actually? Decided to conduct survey among the acquaintances who that thinks about it.

“, how many at them the general! The African roots, light eyes at a black curly hair, literary gift, a simple style and workaholism, interest in Russia and in France, in Napoleon, in Decembrists and in the Caucasus, the capacity of love and passion, at last!“ - I began poll with the quote taken from the Internet. And here that I was answered:

“ The version, of course, as speak - “cool“, but improbable. Absolutely - absolutely). It is possible to find coincidence, having taken many famous people, but it is difficult to forge author`s style, and it at the designated geniuses - absolutely different“.

“ All this is improbable, curious, heard nothing about it. I very much would not like that it was the truth. All these conclusions it is direct a detective story. If it was one face, then long ago everything would reveal, it seems so to me“.

“ Two centuries (if I am not mistaken) did not begin to wait, would get to the truth. Though... can earlier just came to nobody to mind them to compare... Well People always do to“

“ sensations on names. I think the next nonsense Like Bodrov Zhiv and so on“.

“ It seems to me, navryadl this same person. The fact that Pushkin did not die on duel hardly was possible to be hidden from the general public. After all Alexander Sergeyevich was very known. And I somewhere heard the version that on behalf of A. Dumas was written by several authors“.

“ A funeral under the screen of night, burial not in a family grave on a cemetery, and on the suburb of the wood, the death of the poet in detail described in it “Eugene Onegin “- All this causes the mass of suspicions, at least in me...“

“ Many geniuses were some kind of prophets. Here and Pushkin expected the death, but did not write the scenario, and then skillfully played a role. In any case I so think. And all these secrets with a funeral, can just the family did not want idolatry...“

“ to Bury the great genius of literature in the wood, but not in a family grave on a cemetery is, IMHO, not correctly. It not some dog, though... maybe it was his (Pushkina) desire that then nobody was trampled down on its grave... Who knows... As Pushkin wrote“

“ verses and prose, a peculiar style, it is difficult to find such ease in a word-play (in verses precisely). Plus Pushkin had about 144 mistresses, with show so advantage from female eyes will not hide. Dumas is a great writer but already style another, the thought course other though by female part the same there was an expert“.

“ It seems to me mysterious too the fact that duel took place on January 27, Pushkin - died on January 29. Then even on February 3, and again - at midnight Pushkin`s coffin accompanied by all only friend was sent to some Pskov province but only on February 6 he was buried, and for some reason at dawn in the presence of only two young ladies. To what so to complicate all?“

“ Yes so all also was: Pushkin ran away to France, istsenirovav the death as he on it had many reasons. I on its place and made. So my opinion: Pushkin is Dumas - the father!“

“ I agree that everything, as for death of the poet and his funeral - is shrouded in secret. But, if the modern science wants, will be able to carry out expertize (anthropological or genetic or I cuckoo - that there still). Then it will be clear hu from hu...“

“ is Very similar, but literary style differs a little, it as a fingerprint or a retina of an eye And if to consider that Pushkin was very loveful and uny there were many mistresses, then and enemies at it were not less. During that time was considered that refusal of duel is cowardice - it is as the Japanese “to lose face“, it is better for itself(himself) seppuku will make, than will be dishonored before the public. He was simply not lucky, he was not even helped by the fact that it carried a heavy iron cane to strengthen a hand for firing from guns. It many times played with death. There was a case when it accepted duel from the young soldier and so to it was to a pofig that it did not even take with itself(himself) the gun, and so far in it aimed and shot Pushkin very quietly ate sweet cherry, the soldier missed, but when the turn to Pushkin that came to shoot he refused what the soldier was grateful to it to a board coffin for“.

“ Really all clung to this style. Nobody takes into account that Dumas wrote in French, and you read Russian translation. One translator translated so, another so. As they say “a literary translation as women - if are beautiful, then are not true and if are true, then are ugly“. Therefore, it is possible to speak about Dumas`s style only, having read his works in the original“.

“ Who could think! I can add the following to criticism of this “hypothesis“: as it is known, Dumas used work so-called. “hack writers“, Pushkin as far as I remember, in similar was not noticed“.

“ It is very ridiculous... The Internet ducks someone trusts in these? Are similar, but absolutely different persons.“

Died Pushkin during duel or not... Unfortunately, for all of us it will remain a riddle... Already you will prove nothing... and it is a pity... There is a strong wish to believe that the genius did not die at so early age, and just reincarnated in other genius... Perhaps all this fairy tales... but sometimes so there is a wish to believe in them... As if there was not - correctly speak - “How many people, it is so much and opinions“ - having read all discussions all of us will draw for ourselves a certain conclusion - to BELIEVE or NOT to TRUST all this. One that the name of Pushkin everything is at all on lips even if it oddly, but all of us remembered it warm words pleases!