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Whether it is possible impossible to make possible? The Science fiction writer Arthur Clark somehow told

: “The only way to define borders of possible - to overstep these bounds, in impossible“.

One of the most popular beliefs in our society - the fact that someone somewhere is responsible for what happens to us for progress in work and in private life. I call it “dream of the Freebie“. Actually all absolutely not so. Nothing in our life comes easily, for nothing, without effort and efforts. To reach the dream (impossible) or at least the next purposes (possible), it is necessary to spend forces, time, to go to certain victims etc. In life often there are moments when there is a wish to throw everything, to cease to strain, refuse dream. And here self-confidence is important, in the ability to overcome everything for achievement of a goal. Therefore give yourself installation on success, on achievement of a specific goal.

Our brains are so arranged that the purposes constantly look for and force the person to carry out these purposes. Therefore if you give to the subconsciousness installation on achievement of a specific goal, your brain will work day and night for its achievement. Our brain - the surprising computer capable to work even in a dream. I personally happened to do in an invention dream, to rise, write down idea, and then to make out the application in the afternoon. And very often the application passed successfully, unlike those which I strainedly “hatched out“ in turmoil of the working day.

I want to share personal experience. I began to pursue science in 60 - e years of the XX century, in those “legendary 60 - e“ when there was a huge jump of the Soviet science. I was quite modest young man, dreamed of science, and after several years of practice I managed to get a job in scientific institute. And so it turned out that I had to put forward ideas, to design experiments etc. In those days “ostepenyonny“ there was a little, the candidate`s degree seemed a limit of dreams, and doctors at us was only two, well, it in general were inhabitants of heaven. And here the dream seized me: no, not to prove Fermat`s theorem or to construct a collider, and only to protect candidate. And everything is farther went as if by itself. And the success came. And here I, the poor guy, at once turned into dear, highly paid expert, the salary increased almost by 3 times, gave the apartment etc. And this degree fed me much - many years, to dashing 90 - x until there was in general, apparently, an impracticable opportunity to become the doctor of science and professor. But it already another story altogether, costing me 10 years of life and work.

It becomes best of all impossible possible if the person manages to define correctly the mission in life, so to speak, the mission on this Earth. Search of the mission, its performance, perhaps, are the main secret of successful people which inspires them on implementation of the plans with all force and enthusiasm. I will give an example as it in life happens.

I think, now all know the actor Ivan Okhlobystin who successfully acts in TV series. And those years when the theater and cinema in our country fell into full decay, Ivan in priests moved. Yes, served in church, all as is necessary. But it appeared soon - not its this business. Began to act in TV series and succeeded. Zabogatel, became the deputy of the State Duma. Wanted even to run for president and the Patriarch forbade, did not give blessing. Also I read on the Internet - it went again to study something. Then he meanwhile did not find the mission - rushes about. Let`s look, what will be farther, he is a person public now, though young still. It is visible that he achieves the objectives with passion and enthusiasm, but, probably, not those it is the purposes, no, not those so far!

In some moment of life some people begin to understand that they want something bigger, than have. But in most cases these desires and dreams and remain unrealized. Why so happens? Usually people are stopped by feeling of impossibility of achievement of the purpose. The person thinks: “At me it for certain will not leave, it will not turn out. So and there is nothing to try“. The person is constrained by habitual thinking, fear to go beyond its framework. Well, and if there is a strong wish? Then it is necessary to lay doubts aside, and, above all - to lay itself a way, to plan the purpose and ways of its achievement. For this purpose the purpose should be formulated as really achievable. Well, for example, that here unreal - to write and defend the master`s thesis? Around you at all it turns out! And further everything will go by itself, and ways of achievement of the purpose will be, and people who will help. So, the main thing is an existence of accurately formulated and attainable aim. Important also the fact that in advance there is no right option of actions for achievement of the purpose. Therefore in any situation it is necessary: it is clear to represent the purpose to which you aspire; it is necessary to watch possible hindrances and in time to change the direction to the purpose, a way and ways of its achievement. And, the main thing, it is necessary to believe in himself, that you can make everything if you want.

Once the great scientist, the thinker and the engineer Leonardo da Vinci formulated several principles which helped it to reach what admires us still:

1. Be not someone one. Try other role, be engaged in something in other, be not got jammed on something one. One is impossible - try another.
2. Any obstacle in a way to the purpose is not the deadlock, but a new opportunity.
3. Go the way, without looking back at others.
4. If something is impossible, it is a good occasion to be engaged in something in another.
5. Slowly - it is not always bad. When the person goes towards the aim long and painfully, the result can turn out unexpected and surprising.
6. One of the best incentives for activity - curiosity (and that, if?).
7. Do not ask an award, and do serious work, and the award will find you.
8. Not always the result is important right now, this moment. Have patience. Sooner or later it is required to someone (of course, it is good a bit earlier). Therefore report about the achievement to the world, and the world will find you!