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Itself - an assessment of

Many people, especially women, worry from - for the underestimated self-assessment. When the self-assessment is underestimated, we do not use also a half of our opportunities and abilities, we do not that we want, and the fact that others want from us. We become excessively passive, we have from life no satisfaction - generally, the underestimated self-assessment - piece really harmful and opposite. And of course, really it would be very desirable to know as all - to lift this self-assessment.

How to lift the coin which fell to a floor - it all know. And here is how to lift a self-assessment - it is not too clear.

To understand, we will take this floor - itself - an assessment .

The first that to me in it is heard - the ASSESSMENT . Estimates put at school. Learned a rhyme and told at a board - the good girl, receive the five. The five - an assessment good, the best. Did not learn a rhyme - the bad girl, sit down, the two. The two - a bad note. Parents abuse for such assessment, stand in the corner and leave bad girls without sweet. And if three times did not learn a rhyme - very bad girl, without parents do not come to school.

Still to me in the word itself - about - the prices - the PRICE is heard by . It is a word root a self-assessment. The price happens in shop. Everything that is on sale has the price. The loaf of bread, milk liter, a dress from Dior or the new vehicle Lexus - all this is on sale and therefore has the price. In rubles, dollars, euro, yuans, rupees or tugriks. When buyers badly buy goods, sellers sometimes reduce the price and call it sale. Cross out one number on a label and write another, it is less.

what is not on sale the price has no
. The sunlight, a rustle of leaves on wind, murmur of water in the river has no price. The kite who is turned in search of production, the seagull who is quietly shaking on waves, the hare sitting under a bush have no price. Rosebushes in a neighbour`s garden are not on sale also the prices too therefore have no. Not on sale, not having the price is called in Russian the word invaluable. Invaluable - means not having the price. For all money of the world it is impossible to buy what is invaluable. Because it is is not ON SALE !

Tell me, you - are on sale? You are related to the most ancient profession? Is not present? Then what you can have a price?

In the word itself - the assessment besides the price is also one more root: . Itself - it means that at sale you quote the price to yourself independently. That is you yourself sell for the price quoted by you. And if yours - a low mark as on sale, you are ready not only to sell yourself - you is ready to sell herself CHEAP.

I know that there are any clever books, courses and trainings on a self-assessment raising. But, maybe, it is enough to understand only that you - are not selling? You are not on sale and therefore it is invaluable. It is invaluable and unique. The one and only copy, other such is not present. The most exclusive exclusive as it is fashionable to speak now.

So though today, and from now on - let never you will have a price neither, nor at me. Neither high, nor low - in general any! We with you are invaluable, we are not on sale - what you suggest to lift?:-)