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How the THE CURE group wrote “Pornography“, endured “Disintegration“ and collected “Bloody flowers“?

Last time we left THE CURE on a threshold 1980 - x in the status promising, but not cult group. Robert Smith perfectly understood that the post-punk the post-punk, but is time to find original and complete sounding already.

The new bass player Simon Gallup comes to group, and his rectilinear melodious parties become one of characteristic signs of a new sound of group.

In 1980 - the m leaves to year an album “Seventeen Seconds“ - brilliant not only on material, but also on the integrity. Otherworldly electronic special effects, loud and dense a rhythm - section in which the gnash of a guitar and an indistinct vocal was “drowned“ - all this immersed the listener in the special illusive and depressive atmosphere.
All album obeys on uniform breath from desperate “Play For Today“ to the desperate “Seventeen Seconds“ constructed only on two chords.

“Time escapes
I light
Everything grows dim fades
of Feeling pass
I of the picture fade
All such cold
Dream reached a deadlock
I the girl
will not come true Seventeen seconds
So Begin to sing

life is measured“.
(a free translation - deine_traume)

the Most effective and famous song of an album becomes klaustrofobichesky “A Forest“ which hero directed behind the ghost of the girl and got lost in the wood. A song melody so a zrima that I always clearly imagined the clip with infinite flashing of wood trunks and hopeless spinning of the sky in a grid of branches.

The album made success, and CURE continued “to aggravate“ the found subject. The following album “Faith“ (“Belief“) (1981) left not less depressive, but more monotonous. Songs reminded a prolonged funeral procession. Strangely enough, under these abstruse mantras the group began to bring together a circle of own fans. The inflamed melancholy was supported at participants of group with quite real loss of close people therefore quite often Smith left a scene with tears in the eyes.

Gradually saved up depression was condensed in the real disgust for everyone and everything. The album “Pornography“ (1982) - apogee of a hopelessness and despair which still many is considered creative “top“ of group became result. Unlike “Faith“ “Pornography“ it was overflowed with fastidiousness and aggression. So, according to Smith songs “One Hundred Years“ and “Pornography“ are written with disgust for themselves. “Hanging Garden“ is written to “about fastidiousness and hostility of how animals strike, and “Siamese Twins“ approximately about the same between people“ . In “A Short Term Effect“ and “Cold“ narcotic waste, in “Figurehead“ - pangs of conscience, in “A Strange Day“ - a doomsday is represented. Generally, a full set for the hanged man. To listen to this 40 - a minute agony just physically hard therefore I cannot call an album among the most listened.
passed Record in a nervous situation, with abundance of stimulators and mutual hatred. It ended with fight of participants of group, and it became clear that CURE came to an end.

“... One more same day - and I will kill you,
Captured by thirst of flesh and svezheprolity blood, I will watch
Ya how you in a bathroom sink,
Absorbing life from your open eyes....
Ya has to win against this illness, to Find
Ya has to win against this illness...“.

Medicine Smith decided to seek
(“Pornography“, Olga Razumnoy`s translation) elsewhere. He began to work as the guitarist in group of the colleagues of SIOUXSIE & BANCHEES, and itself in passing wrote down... cheerful the priest - songs (“Walk“, “Lovecats“) which, if not the producer, would never leave under the name of CURE. And they made success.

After them there was not really successful album “The Top“ (1984) with the ethnic rhythms cast by Smith`s trip to Israel. “Caterpillar“, about the girl - to a caterpillar which here - here will turn into a butterfly and will fly away became a single and by right the best song of an album.

By 1985 the creative spirit of Smith recovered so that it returned back the bass player Gallup who ran away after “Pornography“, and the group wrote down an excellent album “Head on the Door“ where in competent proportions all acquired experience - both company “world melancholy“, and ethnic impregnations, and bright of bottoms - melodies was presented. Popular songs of Inbetween Days steel with major motive and the sad text, and “Close to Me“. To the last the amusing video where the group plays in the locked case was shot, and the case falls from the rock to the ocean (the image, most likely, is cast by ambiguity of the name of a song which can be translated and as “It is close to Me“ and as “Locking me“).

From now on the group becomes popular not only in the specific environment, but also in masses. Creative take-off continued release of a double album “Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me“ (1987) which many criticized for illegibility and diversity. In an album there were really enough songs for every taste - there was both a frank pop-music, and the good priest, and songs of a despair, and a song of fight.

However in 1989 Smith decided that it is time to do away with diversity and let out the next album - integral both on a sound, and on mood. The mood defined already name “Disintegration“, i.e. “Disintegration“. The fact that old fans of CURE with pleasure will plunge into the sea of melancholy to tickle the feelings, nobody doubted, but the letting-out firm was afraid that the group will lose the new admirers who appeared in bottoms - the period. However, to Smith always was to spit on show installations - business and... there was a miracle. The next depressive creation did not disappoint anybody in indigo tones. Not without reason even the hero of the cartoon serial “South park“ will cry out that of “Disintegration“ - the best album of all times!“ .

In my opinion, also the fact that in this sea of grief and grief, along with typically monotonous things also more available compositions perfectly adjoined helped. It is first of all a horror story under the name “Lullaby“ (“Lullaby“) which was remembered by the excellent clip where Smith was devoured by him in an appearance of a spider. Well and of course, fine in the simplicity “Lovesong“ - the first song making an outstanding success in the USA (2 - e the place). “The song of Love“ became also a peculiar wedding gift of Smith to the old girlfriend Mary Pul with whom he at last contracted a legal marriage.

After so strong work of CURE took a break - wrote down soundtracks, let out singles, and in 1990 - m let out to year the album “Mixed Up“ which changed my relation to so-called remixes radically. Because that it usually remix? You take the ready song and you put on dancing “state unitary enterprise - tsa - tsa“. But CURE so creatively approached business that remixes or improved originals (it concerns, first of all, songs from “Disintegration“), or changed them to unrecognizability (here It should be noted the new version “Close to Me“).

The new album “Wish“ left only in 1992 and again became extremely successful. Songs on it is mute again were are very different, but the greatest popularity was got by the most joyful song of Friday I`m in Love group (“Friday and I am in love“), well-known and at us. Smith with a smile remembered how, having heard so brilliant the priest - the song, producers ran on studio, exclaiming: “About Booozhe, about Booozhe, now that`s something like it, now that`s something like it!“.

The following break dragged on so that many decided that this time CURE precisely went into deserved retirement. And musicians just did not hurry anywhere. The album of 1996 “Wild Mood Swings“ completely answered the name “Wild Mood Swings“ and was places so uncharacteristic that many admirers were disappointed. At the same time on it there were enough fine songs - “Want“, “Jupiter Crash“, “Treasure“, and of course, one of the most shrill melodies of CURE - “This is a Lie“ (It is Lie“) - which Smith characterized as the song about fidelity.

As if in response to inquiries of fans by the end of the millennium Smith creates the next sad and integral creation - an album “Bloodflowers“ (“Bloody flowers“) which, according to him, it finished the peculiar “trilogy of a despair“ begun with “Pornography“ and “Disintegration“. The album did not cause a stir, but the leader of CURE needs not especially it.

He continues to act also now, writes down more or less successful singles and albums, and wears the same strange mask of the clown when sad when cheerful, but always recognizable.