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What at us appreciate THE CURE group? To birthday of Robert Smith

“To have a surname Smith - all the same what not to have any“ - joke in England. And imechko at our hero it is not much more original. Nevertheless, “Robert Smith“ does not confuse the music lover of a full name at all and at once sends to the leader of THE CURE group - the person with the tousled hair, a bedash face and extremely melancholic songs (as Zhenya Osin, “drowned in tears and lipstick“ would tell).

The “sobbing“ Robert Smith`s voice and his nervous music became the cult phenomenon long ago. And as if Smith did not otmezhyovyvatsya, CURE unambiguously stood at the origins of such indistinct direction as “Gothic fate“.

At the same time the leader of group quite often destroyed a cliche of the created image. Having turned out soul on a terrible album “Pornography“, Smith could right there begin to sing love dancing songs. Playful texts about little girls can easily adjoin to quite deep lyrics which is thinly transferring sincere experiences.

“I so long watched at your photos,
That I almost believed in their reality,
Ya so long lived among your photos,
That almost believed that they - the only thing, to
that I can love still...“
(“Pictures of You“)

Smith never posed as the widely-read clever man, but at it then, there slip reminiscences and sendings to the most different literary to works - especially to favourite “pr about klyaty“ to the French poets of the 19th century. So one of the most shrill songs “How Beautiful You Are“ (“As You Are beautiful“) is almost exact perepevka of the story “Eyes of Poor People“ of Charles Baudelaire. On a plot, the couple which was madly fallen in love each other meets during romantic walk of the beggar with two children.

“... I turned to look on you at
to Read at you on a face the thoughts
to Plunge into depth of your eyes of So beautiful
and surprising
But here you started talking
I it turned out that the understanding was not in us
“I hate these people
Tell that cleaned up immediately!“

of an Eye of the father spoke: “It is beautiful! As you are beautiful
of an Eye of the fellow spoke:
“As is fine! It is brilliant
as a star!“
of an Eye of the baby did not express anything to
Krom of indescribable delight
I these views pierced my heart with grief
On what way we stand.

That is why I hate you
Then I learned
Nobody up to the end will understand and will fall in love with another,
will not fall in love with another“.
(lane of M. Ivanova)

However what stylistic experiments would not be made by the leader of CURE its manner difficult to mix about some another.

R. Smith:
“For me exists, at least 7 incarnations of “The CURE“, and all of them are different. However, I do not think that I if I shave the head, will decently put on and I will start singing a high pitched voice about love to chocolate, something will change. People will say that in fact it remains “gothic style“.

Robert learned not to mix carelessly art and life long ago. He is hardly inspired by Jan Curtis`s example from “JOY DIVISION“ whom depressive attitude brought to the logical end (read: loop) in May, 1980. Try to obtain Smith full identity of the author and creations, fans had to visit him on a cemetery long ago, or in “mental hospital“.

R. Smith:
“Certainly, I would die for a long time if I endured about what I sing.
... Sometimes I seem to myself empty and worthless, and I need to do something to justify the existence. Therefore I write songs. At this time I stay in a strange emotional state which you will not describe words. But constantly it is impossible to be in it. The most part of time I same as everything, than very much I upset the admirers who for some reason consider that I have to be tragic and mysterious.
... Songs, and are more right than them verses, reflect only part me. They will not show that I actually for the person. All “my“ absent in songs for 90 percent it is only boredom. It does not force me to write. When I in melancholy, nostalgia or am simply sad as the ordinary person - this most forces me to write. In the morning cool to read all this“.

That to our native “open spaces“, CURE cult never got deeply “into masses“ (as it was, at least, with DEPECHE MODE). But many ours fate - gurus very much watched closely Robert Smith`s creativity and generously scooped many ideas and finds from his “creative heritage“. Examples? Yes as much as necessary!

So, borrowed from “The CURE“:
- a singing Manner in style - “this groan of songs at us is called...“ (Borzykin from the TV).
- Image of the gloomy people tightened in black and as if grown into a scene (hi to Tsoi and Butusov!) .
- Musical and esthetic stylistics which CINEMAS, AGATHA CHRISTIE dashingly used and the Ukrainian group TABULA RASA in general took as a basis.
- Nu and Kostya Kinchev who except image (see the video clip CURE “Lovecats“) managed “to remove“ and a melody of one of Smith`s songs - “Kyoto Song“ from an album of 85 g, better known to our people as “Shadow play“ of ALICE group is concrete. Though to be fair It is necessary to tell, Kinchev by the end of a song developed the original to unrecognizability.

The list can be continued, but everything is better - to turn more stare to “fundamental principle“.

Personally I heard CURE late enough - in a year 1990 - 91 - m. The friend brought records directly from Moscow where the group just became fashionable. Quickly he threw off to me on the reel two albums and left back. Then albums seemed to me such different that I first did not believe that it is played by one group. On one party the post-punk guitars reminding in places CINEMA group on the second laconically ringed - the long compositions stuffed with electronic sounds and rhythms sounded. My surprise is easily explainable - these albums were divided by decade.

The first of them - “Boys Don`t Cry“ - also represented early material of the end 1970 - x. And though Smith thinks of early records not really much, they were pleasant to me both then and now. The song with the provocative name “Killing An Arab“ became the first hit of that time. The song was accused right there of kindling of national discord though, the text obviously sent to the well-known novel of A. Camus “Foreign“ where the hero kills the Arab not from - for racial hostility, and it is causeless - as a result of short-term “existential“ insanity, stimulated a heat. As a result, during the advertizing company the single extended only together with copies of the literary primary source or the explaining stickers. Subsequently Smith quite often sang this song, replacing words with careful “Killing Another“ (“Killed another“) or with humiliating “Kissing an Arab“ (“Kissing the Arab“).

It should be noted and commercially failure, but loved by me, the song “Jumping Someone Else`s Train“, unloved Smith, but “Object“ loved by me, and estimated by criticism of “Fire in Cairo“ and “10:15 Saturday Night“ with unforgettable “Drip drip drip“ (“A cap - a cap - a cap“) about which the critic neatly wrote: “In this song the value of empty space in fate - N - a beater unexpectedly is found“.

However “Boys Don`t Cry“ (“Guys do not cry“) became the most famous song of the early period certainly which reminds many domestic music lovers Tsoi`s song “Saw night“. But the song gained wide popularity later when CURE already acquired the status of cult. About how Robert Smith associates found the unique voice, I will tell already in the following article.