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“Paranormal phenomenon 3“. And who lives in your case?

“As everything began?“ - authors of the third part of “The paranormal phenomenon“ question. The movie the Arena was Sung somehow imperceptibly turned into the whole franchize with sequels and backs - offam (“Night in Tokyo“), and we also did not notice. Well, such is destiny of any commercially favorable project. It will be squeezed out to a last straw as that unfortunate cat from a joke.

At the same time the budget of the movie increases each time, the fees of the involved actors increase. Progress is available. And what there with a plot?

I remind that the original appeared in 2009 and made grandiose success around the world. Whether the joke, the tape removed by a usual digital video camera with nonprofessional performers for the hilarious sum of 15 thousand dollars managed to earn more than 150 million in hire. Shibche of all took advantage of the opportunity Paramount film studio which redeemed the rights for all subsequent continuations (who would doubt their existence) and thrown idea of post-documentary horror films on the conveyor.

In the first part we got acquainted with Mika and Cathie, two ordinary Americans whose lodge - gingerbread became a shelter of the spiteful demon. As Mick`s experiment establishes in a bedroom a video camera which of night at night “excites“ spectator impatience types of the sleeping cohabitants. Periodically healthy sleep of Americans of middle class is interrupted by scratches, knocks, groans of ungreased doors and whiff of wind from the slightly opened window. So far, at last, to the demon does not bother to torment members of household. Then the spiteful baddy - a beech is installed in Cathie and here all comes kirdyk.

The sequel represents background of these events. Here unintentionally it becomes clear that Cathie has a sister Christie. At the last the house - a full bowl: spouse and dvoyedety. But problems similar. A certain invisible creature regularly moves furniture on the house, rustles with pieces of paper, is bad sifonit along night corridors and creates among inhabitants panic moods at night and hysterical - in the afternoon. Christie`s history identically lousy comes to an end: all died. By the way, not without the aid of her sister Cathie, and here at authors the epic moment was already obviously outlined in dating of a family damnation.

It would seem, there is nothing to squeeze out from this history. Everything is told, everything is shown. But who will voluntarily refuse profit in 2000%. Others fight winter crop, playing universal accidents on the screen, inviting to leading roles of inhabitants of heaven of Hollywood and going on all villages in hope to sweet-talk everyone on a visit of cinema. Creators of “The paranormal phenomenon“, having dug out a pot of gold, continue to hollow it tirelessly, without paying attention to zlopykhaniye of critics and especially fearless audience which any there demons without color and a smell supposedly cannot frighten.

So, in a trequel authors made a flashback. If Cathie and Christie went to the world other, we will look how they reached the handle. In the first movie to us it is transparent hinted that Cathie faced similar unfriendly manifestations of the other world earlier. Now we should consider her children`s fears in close proximity to object.

Where the biological father of girls - not clearly got to. Quite perhaps, his heart-breaking death to us will be shown in the following movie. And till mother Julia in common with the fight - the friend Dennis, the wedding video operator brings up the senior Cathie and younger Christie. The last fact is important, Dennis perfectly understands chambers and as soon as in their house unclear things begin to occur, surrounds perimeter on all floors. Out of curiosity, of course.

Further events develop on a sample and similarity of the previous series. The first half of the movie the viewer tensely peers into darkness of rooms where nothing remarkable is resolute occurs. At night heroes mainly sleep as groundhogs, filling the picture of the next “Paranormal phenomenon“ with a habitual drag. This porridge of eternal expectation is diluted only with night sorties of the baby Christie who is secretive with the fictional friend Toby. Who this Toby and on which the little girl gets up that to chat with him, concerns parents so far as - as. You never know whims at these minors.

Kipish starts only when the demonic shit begins to interfere in life of adults actively. Inquisitive Dennis especially likes to look through cartridges with vigils in the mornings and then to interrogate members of household about these or those acts. His wife Juli treats overindulgence of the spouse quite tolerantly, stoically and skeptically. Not violent and it is fine. And here when the furniture will begin to fall from a ceiling, and sheets independently to walk about on the house, to row just right children in an armful and to run to the mother-in-law. Though the last decision was still that mistake … Is remembered by

, authors of the second “Witch from Blair“ terribly messed up when they counted only upon a recognizable brand. Having completely modified style of statement, it ruined film series on a root. Creators “3“ did not begin to change the paranormal phenomenon horses in midstream and continued begun, being guided by the principles of the original. Any gag, only silent and impartial video cameras imprinting household horrors. Their choice equaled hopes. And profits on hire exceeded in again mad way costs of shootings.

The question interests all - whether it is terrible? So to say, horribly. And, it seems, the manner is already clear, and hepp - do not wait for an and, and all the same on - it is fatherlike a pity for heroes. Well, here for what to them such misfortune? However, just creators unexpectedly tried to answer this question. Like, with an ulterior motive girls all life toil from prosecution from otherworldly forces. Only in the third part creators guessed to bring under all these nightmares though some base.

It turns out that the third movie - not only the most terrible of all, but also the thought most over in details. It appears, even departure from a haunted house does not promise disposal of problems. Moreover, the similar step is capable to anger a supernatural being and to cause chain reaction from which definitely you will not escape, you will not hide.

In Oren Peli`s plans already costs the next continuation, and it has to come out in 2012. It is hard to say on what way the imagination of authors will begin to flow this time. Whether they will dig even more deeply in history, smoothly bringing us to a cohabitation era on Earth of demons and dinosaurs, or will take away a plot aside, having given the chance and to other respectable Americans to suffer much from cavils of the bearing malice ghosts much. So while the marked and obviously immortal demon eats fear of heroes of the movie, creators not bad eat at the expense of new and very perspective film series in a genre of horrors.