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What to look on vacation or on holiday at? Monuments to mothers and kids of

In the heat May holidays. And at someone here - holiday here will begin. I suggest to go to thematic walk on the cities and the countries. This excursion will be devoted to monuments, but not all known long ago, but absolutely new, to creations of the modern world. A subject of our travel - “Mother and the kid“.

As it became clear, monuments to mothers, pregnant women and children became a popular subject at sculptors. They are almost in each region. Forward!

Sculpture “Hi, kid!“ in Rybinsk

the Figure of the bronze baby weighing 120 kg is open for

in September, 2011. It is established in the hospital town of Rybinsk between old and new buildings of maternity hospital. The author of idea - 12 - summer Diana Dubova. She suggested the grandmother working in city committee of labor union of workers of health care to make such monument - in gratitude to physicians and on pleasure to pregnant women. It is considered that if to rub to the snout of the baby, then at newlyweds it will be obligatory the kid soon, and at women in labor well there will take place childbirth.

Money for a sculpture was raised the whole world. At first the project was embodied on paper, then it was undertaken to be cast in bronze at department of molding and metallurgical science of RGATU. The author of the project is the young sculptor Roman Vinogradov.

the Monument to mother in Donetsk

the Monument is open for

on May 10, 2003 in the territory of the regional center of protection of motherhood and the childhood. Opened a monument on the Mother`s Day in Ukraine. The author of a sculpture is the Armenian sculptor Carlen Kalantaryan. The sculpture is executed according to Nikolay Vasilyevich Yasinenko`s sketch. Sculpture height - two meters. The initiative to establish a sculpture was taken by physicians of the center.

the Sculpture “The baby in cabbage“ in Tomsk

the Author of work - Oleg Kislitsky`s sculptor. The monument is executed according to its sketch by the Tomsk master Mikhail Vorobyyushko, and established on May 15 (in Day of a family) 2008 at maternity hospital No. 1. The chief physician of this maternity hospital Tatyana Rastokhina granted “The birth certificate of the boy Lyokhi“ to “father“ - the sculptor Oleg Kislitsky. The sculpture is executed at the expense of means of the businessman Pavel Chekchev inspired by idea of a monument. The sculpture is executed from a stone and established on a granite pedestal. Diameter of a head of cabbage - 80 centimeters, growth of the kid - about 60 centimeters, the general height of composition - about 1,5 meters.

“The giving life“ in Rostov on Don

the Monument at maternity hospital No. 5 appeared on September 28, 2001. His sculptor - Mikhail Demyanenko. The woman believe that if to touch her or to look in eyes, childbirth will take place quickly and without serious consequences. The monument weighs half-tons, and in height makes 4 meters. The sculptor represented the woman who is on the seventh - the eighth month of pregnancy. On creation of a monument of Demyanenko the pregnant wife inspired. However, the sculpture of mummy appeared far not at once. When established a monument, the daughter Demyanenko was 20 years old.

the Monument of “Maladentsa“ in Prague

his author - the Czech sculptor David Cherny. In 2000 on the Prague television tower in Zhizhkov the sculptural composition in the form of huge (3,5 meters in length) the faceless babies creeping at big height up and down tower walls was placed. Thanks to these alien babies the television tower turned into one of the most popular tourist objects of Prague.

Huge babies were thought up by the sculptor in 1994 when he lived in New - York, for the Museum of Modern Art in Chicago. However the museum did not find money for installation, and figures some time wandered on exhibitions, having managed to visit even Kiev.

the Monument opened the Monument to the pregnant woman in Tomsk in Children`s Day in 2005 near medical school (at the corner of the Moscow path and Lenin Avenue). The author of a monument is Nikolay Gnedykh. The composition represents the tall woman with the baby inside. Work is performed in vanguard style - from rods. If to look narrowly, then it will be clear that the sculptor represented the moment when the kid pushes mother in a flank. That everything looked naturally, the sculptor consulted with doctors. There is a legend that if to tie here a ribbon, childbirth will take place quietly. And women who cannot become pregnant will surely wait for the child.

the Monument to the pregnant woman in London

Is placed by

on September 15, 2005 into the Trafalgar Square. The monument is made of an integral piece of white marble, 9 months were spent for work. The sculpture turned out 3,55 meters high (12 feet). Three pedestals were engaged at the square, and that it was not boring, the mayor of London suggested to stage contests among sculptors on sculptures, worthy places on the fourth vacant pedestal. The competition was won by Mark Kuinn. However it was planned that statues on the fourth pedestal will constantly change. Therefore the destiny of “a pregnant statue“ is unknown.

the Monument to motherhood in Zelenograd

the Monument is established to

within the Rest in the City project in 2008 and established in a park zone of Mikhaylovsky ponds. Author of a sculpture Sergey Mantserev. The essence of the project is that all sculptures were created from real prototypes. Mother of the head of the company of Mikhail Kravchenko who ordered this sculpture became “on March 8“ a prototype of a sculpture of mother. Kravchenko gives support to young artists.

the Monument to mother in Tyumen

the Monument was solemnly open for

on June 1, 2010. Its official name “Motherhood“. The monument is in a park zone (public garden) on crossing of streets of Sverdlov and Komsomol. Production of a monument took 8,5 months. The author and the sculptor (at the same time) Pyotr Starchenko himself looked for investors and sponsors. The monument Starchenko wanted to thank all women for the most difficult profession - mother`s profession. As envisioned by the sculptor initially in composition there was also a father, but he esthetically did not suit the author therefore it was decided to do without it, but on a finger the woman had a ringlet.

“Beloved“ in New Orleans

the Sculpture is established to

in one of city parks of New Orleans (State of Louisiana). Her author - the famous sculptor Fernando. The sense of a sculpture is simple: after the child`s birth all obligations for the house lay down on the father. As for forms - the author of work says to us that the woman needs to be loved. It is a lot of and strongly. From that it is such big.

If you are in one of these cities, surely come to “mother“ and “child“. Rub to the patch or a tummy - for luck. If, of course, you reach!