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Whether everything plants are similar at each other? We reveal unusual!

We since the childhood got used that any plant has a stalk, leaflets, lepestochka, it color or green, beautiful and smells delicious. But in the world plants which are not similar to a usual flower at all meet.

the Venus flycatcher

the Venus flycatcher is a species of predatory plants which captures insects and spiders that sit down on its shining and attractively smelling trap. The flycatcher slams less, than in a second! This plant grows in a humid temperate climate on the Atlantic coast of the USA, but can quite be grown up as a houseplant. So if flies already rather bothered in the summer, safely decorate the window sill with the Venus flycatcher! Raffleziya Arnoldi`s

Raffleziya Arnoldi`s

is a species of plants - parasites . This plant that it is similar to one flower, without stalk and sheets is interesting, at the same time reaches the huge sizes: 60 - 100 cm in the diameter and weighing up to 8 kg. Raffleziya has even no roots! Insects - the pollinators - the plant attracts with a specific smell of the decaying meat. Also Raffleziya`s distribution is promoted by elephants who, stepping on the fallen seeds, crush them and transfer on the stupnyakh. It is possible to see this miracle only on the islands of Sumatra and Kalimantan.

the Beggarweed

of Desmodium gyrans - at first sight usual green plant: leaves as leaves, small stalk as small stalk. But the most interesting consists not in appearance, in behavior of the Beggarweed! The plant so interestingly moves leaves on light as though dances, in the dark this fine dance comes to an end. When you look at it, there is a feeling that it and not a plant at all, and some living being who moves the numerous handles in different directions.

Amorfofallus titanic

Amorfofallus titanic - a large tropical plant which has one of the biggest inflorescences in the world. As well as Rafflesija Arnold, this plant has an awful smell which is compared to a smell of rotten eggs also by fishes. There lives the plant about 40 years, but for this period color of all few times, within two days. So, you were largely lucky if you found Amorfofallus titanic during blossoming. Initially it grew only in the woods of the Indonesian island of Sumatra, however the people who came there practically exterminated it. Now this rare flower gets divorced generally in hothouse conditions in botanical gardens of the world.

the Mimosa bashful

the Mimosa bashful - a perennial grassy plant which of all and everything hesitates. In height it 30 - 60 cm, sometimes higher. Its leaflets very sensitive: it is worth touching them (even to wind) as the mimosa pretends at once that it dead, leaflets are displaced as if withered. But already in a few minutes the plant recovers. The homeland of this mimosa - tropical part of South America and Central America, but is grown up it worldwide as a room and hothouse plant therefore you can quite decorate with this unusual flower the window sill.

Space krovavo - red

Space krovavo - red (Cosmos atrosanguineus) - a plant from Mexico which differs from other fellows in an unusual smell. This flower publishes such fine and appetizing... chocolate aroma that they want to breathe eternally! But, unfortunately, the plant is it is impossible. It can only admire.

In our world flowers too not the exception is a lot of interesting, unusual and unusual, and. Some above-mentioned plants are a find for extraordinary gardeners and florists - to look at collectors, travelers and simple fans on something surprising and beautiful. In total - our nature - the most real magician!