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And why him, actually, to obey? And to what, actually, to ask it?

Among responses to my first texts such appeared: “I asked the spouse of permission to pass to a rate floor“ well... It gave permission to take off a burqa to it earlier, possibly.

to me it is easy for i to understand the author of a response. I was such - three hundred years ago. idea - that the wife of the husband obeyed

For our time - absolutely wild. Now from all screens I flow “Is!!!“
I it destroys families with the speed which is passionlessly recorded by statistics. you Know
For the woman “I“ is a death on start.
Death for hope to find the real, full-fledged relations, warm proximity and the responsible husband.

Because not for nothing in all cultures of the world there are sayings like “husband yes the wife“ … eee … “they make a pair“.
Because RESPONSIBILITY corresponds to male quality of character female quality of character OBEDIENCE. Telling
about it, I often suggest to execute minute psychological practice. Try also you!

Close eyes! Open eyes.
So far at you an eye were closed, your financial position changed drama, and you are simply forced to go to work as the governess (tutor). On even numbers you go to Masha Petrova, and on odd numbers you work for Givi Samakashvili. On even - at Masha, on odd - at Givi, on even - at Masha, on odd - at Givi.
I here you on Monday came to Masha. “Masha, we go to have breakfast!“ - you say. “All right!“ - Masha nods, takes a spoon, eats cream of wheat.
On Tuesday you came to Givi. “Givi, we will go to have breakfast!“ “Shchazzz!“ - Givi says, gets into the refrigerator and eats a package of dirty plums. With all that it implies. And in the evening mother speaks: “Thanks, of course, for your work. But we will subtract at you from a salary the cost of medicines“.
On Wednesday you go to Masha Petrova and speak: “Masha, we will go in a sandbox to play!“ “Aga!“ - Masha says. Takes a bucket and vigorously molds a Kulichiki.
On Thursday you go to Givi Samakashvili and speak: “Givi, will go to play in a sandbox!“ “Aga!“ - Givi says, goes outside, gets away, on garages, from them jumps, breaks a hand. In the evening the father speaks: “Well, generally, I do not know how many you should work free of charge that we did not file a lawsuit for such education of our child“.

Attention, question! For what child you are more ready to take


Hardly anyone - nibud will be surprised if I tell now - the choice of any reasonable woman falls on Masha.
can Take responsibility only for the one who obeys you. to

it is So arranged with the nature. And so tells common sense. And it is absolutely clear, so far as concerns the governess. Here for Masha Petrova responsibility can be undertaken; and for Givi - somehow risky … it is possible also most under court to please...

And why I speak first of all about responsibility? Because responsibility is a synonym of the man.

Because if you have a generous man, but irresponsible - what it means? That he will distribute the pay to Masha, Petya, Vasya, home came: “Oh and you know, I am a generous person, my money now already came to an end. What, you ask, a family to feed? Yes I do not know how - nibud … Itself think, you are a clever woman. You will get out“. Or, for example, if it very attentive such - but irresponsible. He will come such gentle and attentive, will tell: “Darling I flowers bought you on all pay, be glad!“ And a mortgage in what to pay? And for the apartment? “Well, you - think! What you, are not glad to flowers, perhaps?“

Always what we did, we are in a choice situation. even when to us it seems to

I that we choose nothing - all the same we choose (because not act is the choice too).
It occurs continually: for example, it is necessary to believe that our husband is able to understand, he wants a garnish two spoons or three. And if he wants still then a third - that he made a choice, itself made the decision, itself is responsible for it, itself is forced to go on kitchen again or, there, to speak: “The wife - and - and, I want e - e - is …“ and to risk to hear in reply: “And I spoke to you, it is necessary a third!“ …
We always make the choice, each hour, every day. We learn to respect our man - or we learn not to respect him. We live so that it became responsible - or that it became irresponsible. It occurs continually. On everyone!

When the husband speaks: “Went to the White Sea“, and the wife answers: “I already on Red ordered the permit!“ - she chooses not between the White Sea and Red. And between the responsible husband and irresponsible. When the husband tells
: “Do not put to me so much, these two spoons will be enough for me!“, and the wife puts a third: “You eat!“ - she chooses not that, to wash already, at last, a pan or to put these remains in the refrigerator. And chooses between the responsible husband and irresponsible.

And each choice has consequences.
A finally two words only for girls: darlings, if you want that the normal man married you - you remember: normal marry on Mashakh, but not Givi.