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The fairy tale - lie and in it a hint....

to kind good fellows lesson!
Fairy tale - the lie also here put: the mouse - a drizzle wags a tail, the fairy tale with is new repeats! Yes it is simple, Coca the word the island Kommersant ! By Bezobrzy, however, only inkubatorsky yes it is put - domovsky are allocated generously with poverty minister8stva an outrage since Times of a kadilla and a tifodiya. Not hunting to continue, X myshat a hem to reap!
Again 25: the 30th brother and the sister went out for a walk in a garden, 56 =....
(in confidence to the whole world: 25 = number of a cell in the Matrix No. 5 on an axis of shine - radiations to the left from 1 - center of Universal egg 25 - 16.) To Glazyr, to eyes I trust: A Chicken of R STATE STANDARD SPECIFICATION - EM _ YaT will come sya to miss to us!
And again went troubles and! TRIYEMLAT (Earth) yes prasto: 6_est DO v_y_soka = D_I_V_O marvelous: DEVYATY - YES ALL are SAINT : Expensively yaich_ko Christ`s To Day spring ravno_den_stviyesm!
( Angrily - that is necessary yes to us, to feofana - to turkey-cocks !) This Day is memorable to us Paskhet to which 111 000 let yes with a kuvyrka - Great resettlement from Daariya in connection with accident of LELI and shift of a terrestrial axis.
Expansion on a subject: Beginnings of orthodox arithmetics V. I. Govorov. Subject: Rusky theory polnykh matrichnykh chisel .
Ornament speaks: 3 - 6 - 9 yes 15 (1+5=6) and 21 (2+1=3). Here those life in the village was also simple!
HUNDRED - Word TJVERDO (horns) - Obraz: the program - the hologram: Sim - This ! Open a door! told ALI - baba. ! opened sya an entrance in Pichira! This =do (Yun) 6 there - syuda yes Leva - is right in a pupil the EYE: 77=49. Oh - and - tyushka! Yes se Az - Beeches The Pupil the EYE yes with Radugjzhnoy Gj_laz`s cover! So G ? Main Ugol in assembly To At - Djva : 90 * and 60 * yes with haymakings boundless. Well, dere8nya, Day of Leta Winter kormit! With Ra - botay!
A whether by all to us, eagles, it is conducted: 3 - life 6 - people 9 - ChLVK = I have Honor to present to ROD...! Yes current - to - to to us to ivashka of humble origin a beard to measure kuda! To Ityit, the uncle a chernomor feofanych with a glued beard karabas - barabas . 6700 godoV blows sya . Many inflated on most there is no place. And ruined!
of Happy travel in Pechera ALLADDIN!
(A matrix No. 5 in a nest Gold of Ancient Russia A. F. Chernyaeva. In ITS nest of gold eggs: BERRY - to a nikhoch!)