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Having given a way of development to researches in the field of chemistry and other sciences.

the Chemical industry takes the sources since 1805. At the time of industrial revolution which entailed division into separate branches of production. Given a way of development to useful researches in the field of chemistry. For many an objyavlyaeniye I will buy chemical raw materials it became more available. What is meant it? This production of materials from mineral, hydrocarbonic, and also from other raw materials, due to chemical reaction. In Russia this sector occupies volumes in 2. 2 trillion rubles. This indicator not development border. One of the large companies on production of chemical raw materials is engaged LLC Chemical Trust, plants of an organic synthesis etc. Who would think that in this sphere constantly branches use services: oil, household chemicals, paper, woodworking, tanning, glass, construction materials, gas etc. Development of many house elements of an interior is directly connected with chemical production of raw materials. It began to stimulate formation of conveniences in everyday life of the people of Russia. Even the developed compositions of fertilizer that support beauty of modern megalopolises, thanks to chemical production. Russian chemical production surpasses the American industry for several years. And all thanks to development of opportunities of production of raw materials. Thereby accelerating rates of low cost of production of a chemical product. And increasing availability to modern buyers. Even points the present pavings facilitating life during the winter period of year to development. In our country the big deposits of minerals supplying all industry. Present society will always want to live in comfort and in constant requirement from chemical raw materials. Increasing a financial fortune due to export of the made raw materials in Russia. This indicator reaches 45% of all production: trietanolamine, diethylene glycol, ethylene glycol, butiltsellozolv technical, monoethanol amine etc. Providing a stream additional financial providing to Russia to 900 billion rubles. Besides it is the stable growth of stable earnings and workplaces for the new companies providing services in the sphere of chemical industry.