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Than the jelly is similar to the person? Colloidal chemistry of

Remember a jelly dryganye - and, lying on a back, several times press a stomach. Probably? Very much. A soft body of the person and a jelly - colloidal systems.

Colloidal chemistry - science about disperse systems and the superficial phenomena. Studies adhesion, adsorption, wetting, coagulation, an electrophoresis. Develops technologies of construction materials, drillings of rocks, it is evil - technology gel. From here also such nanotechnology popular now originates. Nanochemistry - a synonym of colloidal chemistry.

The word a colloid - from the Greek kolla (glue). We glue also footwear, and … the plane. In Brockhaus and Efron`s encyclopedia there were 14 grades of glues, and now - more than one hundred.

As particles of a disperse phase and the dispersive environment surrounding them have very big interface of phases (in high-disperse systems the size of particles of a disperse phase makes from shares of micron up to 1 nanometers ), with dispersion growth the superficial phenomena exert more and more defining impact on properties of disperse system.

The purpose of researches in colloidal chemistry - development of scientific bases of management of education, properties and destruction of disperse systems and boundary layers by regulation of intermolecular interactions on limits of the section of phases, first of all with the help superficially - the active agents capable to concentrate spontaneously (to be adsorbed) on a surface of particles of a disperse phase.

Among examples of practical applications of achievements of colloidal chemistry - development and application it is superficial - active agents. And it:

of a flotoreagenta - the chemicals causing and regulating the majority of processes of flotation (one of the main methods of mineral processing, is applied to water purification from organic substances and firm suspensions, division of mixes, acceleration of upholding in chemical, oil processing, food and other industries);
stabilizers of foams and emulsions (thermodynamic unstable educations for which stabilization the stabilizers which are adsorbed on limit of the section gas / solution are required); their oldest representative is the protein of egg forming elastic proteinaceous membranes on a surface of vials of air - eating creams, ice cream, cakes, you consume products of colloidal chemistry;
defoaming agents - substances, the preventing or reducing formation of foam; are applied in finishing materials (paints, glues, fillings, etc.) ; repairing the apartment, you vote for colloidal chemistry;
components of greasings - both synthetic, and mineral; filling in oil in the car, you become the consumer of products of colloidal chemistry;
detergents - the substances strengthening the washing effect of water; erasing belyishko, you become the active supporter of colloidal chemistry.

The Institute of colloidal chemistry and chemistry of NANU water (Kiev) works on questions of this area. There is “A colloidal magazine“.

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