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Who is guilty of change? After the wife learned

about change, the husband began to apologize at it. The wife looked at it and told:
- Take a glass. - Well, took. - And now make so that he fell, and look that he happens to him.
- Well, it broke. - And now apologize at it and look whether there will be it whole again...

Change is the same, as treachery of the best friend, is a knife in a back from the loved one to whom you trust more than. Change - a heartrending experience. But all - - who is guilty of change? Let`s understand. the Nature Many say


(most often men) that the nature is guilty of change. More than 90% of males of different types of animals in the poligamna nature. Monogamous absolute minority. For example, swans, owls, field mice, some species of monkeys - males of these birds and animals remain with the satellites until the end of life. We, people as the most developed look include as one, and others. It is possible that this feature and made us such advanced. One men look for the companion for the rest of life, others will always look for new adventures. There`s nothing to be done. Against the nature you will not trample. And if you, lovely ladies, do not want to suffer all life from the husband - the traitor, needs to look for the spouse in camp of monogamous.


Still exists opinion that both partners are guilty of change. Yes, both! If to one partner it is bad and something does not suit him, then it is quite good to think of it to the second and to talk frankly! If it does not occur, then the person begins to seek lacking in the relations elsewhere, and there is a change. An exit - to diversify the stay!

Someone says that the passion and love are absolutely different concepts. Many confuse them. However love - not a synonym of passion. The passion dies away over time, and then and in general can end... And here if at the relations there is a respect, then it for a long time. If there are feelings deep and warm - have done with the youthful follies, you will swear and reconcile! And if is not present... alas, no passion will help.

The love inspires the person and brings happiness. Lyubov is unselfish. “If you do not love me, then and I you too“, am not love. The love is a service to other person.

If the person himself is not a love source, then it is just necessary for it that loved it. He waits for it sometimes all life. But if the person himself becomes a love source, then will not look for love of others. It will disinterestedly give love.

Change happens different, and the reasons of change can be the most different, from lust to sensuality. It is possible to change only physically, and it is possible and only morally, spiritually. Spiritual change is the most terrible because it is clear that you are already really not necessary to this person. But anyway, any change is a strong blow.

In return I consider what is important on what basis from the very beginning of the relation were under construction. There are couples where loves generally one, and another allows to love itself. The first is ready for everything if only only to be near, but all this for the time being. Sooner or later change is inevitable …

However, I think, all is better - to fight against lust and not to allow intimate relations on the party. The momentary pleasure can turn back several years of despondency. If such disrespect for the partner then there is nothing to speak about love is shown.

Only one change is worthy respect - change to the principles for the sake of the loved one...

You love and be darlings. You appreciate and respect each other.