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Industrial production: what “reefs“ exist in a gribovodstvo?

In our last article “Cultivation of mushrooms - it is simple“ we spoke about the basic principles of production of mushrooms. Actually this information was generally for the beginning gribovod. That is for house production. Here you bought a mycelium for $1, put where it is necessary, nearly at itself in kitchen, and grew up 1 kilogram of mushrooms (in our case of mushrooms of an oyster mushroom) which in the market costs $3. But if someone thought that it is favorable that it is a proportion 1:3 (not 30% of a margin, as usual in retail trade), it not so. Prime cost is counted incorrectly. Work of workers, expense of the electric power and cost of raw materials is not considered. For a household it is good, but the monetary profit on it has not enough. to
to get profit, it is necessary to deliver production on a scientific basis. Further we will describe as far as possible in detail difficulties of production. we Will note
at once: it is industrial, but not house production. Means outputs. Here in two kilograms not to manage. Many are mistaken. Yes, the profit is available, but, as well as everywhere, not so that the profit from the sky poured (some write “gold mine“). For receiving profit it is necessary to execute a certain volume of work.
the Most important - the production technology. If you never grew up mushrooms, then in what way you intend to provide their sale? That is for a start it is necessary or to find the technologist (who already grew up mushrooms), or to check everything on small volumes. It is not necessary to invest a lot of money in it. Here just it is necessary to be convinced that you are able to grow up mushrooms. Yes, mistakes will be. Our mushrooms dried up from a lack of humidity, froze from low temperature, and full sealing could not be done, and the zamitselivaniye went slowly. But it is usual technical difficulties. All this is not as difficult as speak about it. The usual error of this stage is to count on fast result, to take the large sum, to buy much - much everything and to lose everything from - for one mistakes. Let`s repeat: try little by little, without haste, check everything, on small volume before spending all the savings. (And to speak then as some: “I am not engaged in mushrooms any more.“)
Second: rooms. Not all rooms are adapted for mushroom production. There is also a penetration into the cellar of water, both a lack of illumination, and a lack of ventilation. All this is solvable if in time to find it. Important - humidity and heat.
Then - a substratum, that is raw materials on which mushrooms are grown up. We advise fresh straw. Why? If you know, it is not even managed to be ricked (to put in the huge such filled and stamped stacks) - burn directly on fields. That is these cheap raw materials. Perhaps, it is not necessary to buy.
Further: production of mushrooms is part of agricultural production. And in it there is such perspective as a crop failure. So, for example, time in three years apple orchards are completely unprofitable. These difficulties are usually put in the price of finished goods. We mean that on a case of a crop failure the reserve fund of money is created to block losses. We do not think out, all successful farms and do - have a stock of funds for a crop failure case.
What difficulties happen by industrial production of mushrooms? From experience. Reaped 3 harvest then on a ceiling of the cellar there was such mold (Xing - green) that mushrooms did not grow. After that the room demands full sterilization. There is an offer - a crop rotation. To fill in all with bleaching powder and to leave for several months “under steam“ (nothing there to do and wait). The mold will not be, but disputes will remain. Therefore it is difficult, we do not propose cardinal solutions of sterilization of rooms. We told even earlier that a mold - very big problem of production.
Many apply ultra-violet radiation to sterilization. Apply luminescent lamps of an ultra-violet range. It is characterized by violet light. (Pay attention: these are not glow lamps. At luminescent glass is made of quartz. They are applied in medicine to sterilization of rooms) It very dangerously!!! There were cases: difficult burns of a body and eye. When the lamp works, indoors there should not be nobody. And within an hour then. Because in the course of work the strongest oxidizer - ozone is formed. It is a burn of lungs at once. How to find ozone? On a characteristic fresh smell, as after a thunder-storm. Use of this equipment demands a certain preparation.
we Will go further. Some producers in a pursuit of profit cease to look behind quality of production. But we do not consider it as a problem. To buyers: you watch that you buy. Yes, check expiration dates. On the other hand, the begun to rot mushroom unless it is not visible? And you faced overdue goods?
B than feature of industrial production? Let`s repeat, in volumes. It not that somewhere on it pass - to sell, in a hurry, the market half a kilo. For example, distribution network. Delivery of goods under the contract of times in 2 weeks, half-tons. You correctly understood - 500 kg. And short delivery - it pay a penalty for failure of contracts. Losses. Therefore on production refrigerators with production stock are put. Of course, someone has to look behind period of storage. And it is obligatory with the medical book.
Is opportunities. Canneries. Period of storage of canned food after processing 3 years. They are two weeks old not term. They can wait. We understand that it is pleasant to work to order. Canneries can accept also small volume, say, a bag of mushrooms (50 kg). And even not the first grade. it is important to
to tell about culture of production. It is not necessary to hurry. Everything has to be made competently, sterilely, in vacuum packing. We understand that not all are able to prepare mushrooms dishes. It is separate conversation.
What else creates problems in production? Wrong distribution of the income. The director a beret also takes away everything. Well, good luck to it. He does not appreciate all carried-out work of all employees. Most likely, it “firm - a something ephemeral“. Tomorrow none of experts will come to work. It is inconvenient to speak: “all from greed“.
So, we deal with small enterprise. In world practice this enterprise, in which structure of personnel less than 100 people.
In end. We told significantly, but could not tell everything. Everything cannot be told.
But if I would be told about it 10 years ago, I would avoid many mistakes.

Yours faithfully
18. 04. 2012


We missed the next moment on safety of personnel. When mushrooms are not managed to be gathered in time, they begin to throw out disputes. And these disputes will be everywhere. They stick to blades of fans, they a layer lie on a floor. Each employee has to have a respirator at least. At least the gauze bandage protecting respiratory organs. Because disputes will get into lungs. It begins as cough. Then temperature. And the organism can make nothing against them. The good decision - special suits.