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The careerist is an insult or an occasion to be proud of himself?

the Careerist by all means should “go on the heads“. Many do not doubt that career heights undertake only hurriedly and throw the correct person from a distance out. The purpose of this grant on career coaching - to break a stereotype.

I will cut out to you one trade secret. To ascend up an office ladder, without losing and without dropping itself, as really how to do favorite thing and to meet expectations of close people. Let`s agree that:

1. The careerist - not a curse. So people whom the professional success worries are called.

2. Careerists are active and passive, taken place and potential. The first act, the second - go down stream.

3. Realization of potential opportunities leads to career development. However development demands time, patience, forces, skills. Attempt to achieve instant metamorphoses only distances from the desirable purpose.

Within recently conducted research of participants asked what induces them to work. “It is necessary to feed a family“, - respondents shablonno answered. They were absolutely right.

But so the person is arranged that is weighed upon work if it does not bring satisfaction and does not open prospects. To earn on livelihood is a program - a minimum. It needs to be executed, understanding that rigid orientation to receiving a monthly salary - the Procrustean bed opening sad prospect: to mourn unfulfilled hopes, to become angry about destiny, on people around and about itself. Does not get:

1. Interests in work.
2. Aspirations to self-affirmation.
3. Realization of the abilities and potential opportunities.
4. Recognitions.

Results of work (not only its fruits, but also career development, prosperity) depend on sensibleness of the attitude towards her. Sensibleness is meant as professional skill, a sober self-assessment, ability in good time to distinguish reefs and to accurately obokhodit them. Such is a strong basis, the vital plan from three points has to lean on it: I want, I can, I do .

It is also important to lay the foundation in career business, as well as in any other. Therefore on points I paint in what it consists. To succeed, it is necessary to be a unique person in own way. Strong professionals much. That expert who has extensive knowledge is allocated and in something surpasses colleagues. It “something“ - a professional highlight. The careerist has no right to call in question that it exists. Otherwise what he is a careerist?

Image of the pro with special advantages is necessary. It is the same business card. I will draw more evident parallel. Whether the beginning actor can promote in the area, without possessing bright identity? Of course, no. Similarly, the success of the beginning careerist depends on as far as it ground the professional qualities. It is how convinced of the exclusiveness (each person possesses the individual qualities deserving attention!) also it is how capable to convince of it other people.

To give itself so that you were noticed - special science and a subtle art. The beginning careerist is simply obliged to penetrate into how it becomes.

On its way reefs will inevitably meet. It is possible to be distressed about it as much as necessary, but the Soviet school violated the truth when inspired in children as if in adulthood they will be received with open arms everywhere. Let`s look to the severe truth in eyes: the way whatever you chose will not be covered with roses.

To the bright identity which is not masking under “a gray mouse“, many colleagues and some higher heads treat with undisguised alarm. The beginning careerist is considered as the competitor, the suspicious personality. Behind his back whisper, spin intrigues. And it is quite probable, there will be persons interested to remove it from flight in any way. Will try to use, discredit, clip wings that “kept at a distance“.

On the way to success of the careerist trap the following reefs:

1. Envy and malevolence from certain colleagues, administrators, people from the immediate environment.

2. Gossips, intrigues, scheming, “snitching“.

3. Unhealthy competitive fight “on a survival“.

4. In certain cases attempts to impose sex as a payment for receiving a desirable position.

Such is life. What to do? The choice for you. It is possible to sprinkle the ashes on the head, being distressed about world imperfection. It is possible to enter society of fighters for justice or to join ranks of unlucky sceptics, whose vital credo: “Do not lean out, and that will be jammed“.

And if you do not wish to give in, despite of risk, you want the brilliant future and career development? to you I will cut out one more professional kouch - a secret. Patient studying of the nature of people and things will open for careerists - beginners of an eye on many it that they for the present do not notice. This knowledge will allow to avoid stresses, will help not to ask for trouble, will teach to operate the emotions, takes away from extremes (that is “circulations on corpses“). An exit is in that to be able to determine by unmistakably the necessary strategy of actions and to be able to realize it. various options of behavior in various situations Exist. The careerist who is not able to maneuver - not the careerist.

Career, as well as any other success, is step. Beginning ascension with the lower step, the person has to satisfy at first a basic need - to earn means of livelihood. The participants of research who told that they “earn the living“ also mentioned about this stage just. Once you are secured against a lack of money, the range of needs of the person extends. He still “earns on bread“. But moreover is eager: recognitions, respect, approval, praises, new knowledge, power. In process of satisfaction of the increased requirements the purposeful careerist seeks for the maximum disclosure of internal potential.

In conclusion I want to remind that professional improvement is only part of the difficult process aimed at the development and realization of the opportunities. It is impossible to go to success breakthroughs and dashes. needs complexity and coherence of steps :

1. To learn to plan the real purposes and to try to obtain their implementation, without endangering achievement in other spheres.

2. To acquire knowledge of how to build the business and personal relations with people.

3. To learn how to distribute time and forces so that career development brought satisfaction to you and pleased your relatives.

4. To be able “to hold blow“.

5. To remember: there are no problems - there are decisions!

Most of people are in captivity of stereotypes, fears and habits. Filling up itself with work, they go decades on the same circle, complain of life and shirk increase of efficiency of the career efforts. If you try to achieve the objective and every time something does not work, it is necessary to find the reason of unsuccessfulness of your attempts. It will not turn out independently - address experts. The beginning careerist will succeed if he accurately plans that it is necessary for him for achievement of the purpose and how to eliminate the obstacles preventing to enjoy life and to be proud of itself.