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What does impact of homeopathy on the person and on an animal differ in?

Homeopathy - rather extensive concept, it also represents something bigger, than the section of medicine. Or, at least, assumes a bit different, excellent from traditional western a view of things. In a sense this relation to life, or as spoke earlier, a frame of reference on the world, philosophy.

By the way for this reason all graduated from medical school have big problems with an osvaivaniye of this, apparently, of quite medical perspective.

So, the homeopathy is a medicine of the twenty first century, but also a century - that this already came that also creates certain “specifics“, and it is time to pass from enthusiastic slogans and appeals to something to more real.

Now there were views of homeopathy “on the line“: “influence on biofield structures“, “formation of models of reaction“ and “information medicine“. By the way, all this so, just not always the author himself understands what he there is a speech about. But the fact that these slogans became public - in itself well - “accustoming“ to these terms is very useful for development of homeopathy.

The homeopathy really has the biofield and information scheme of influence, but it influences at the same time immunity in its “big“ definition. Why in “big“? The matter is that recently one of recovering (and I have no patients as all recover), the microbiologist by profession who is engaged in creation just medicines told that “it not absolutely understands what it there is a speech about as immunity for it are bodies, antibodies and so on“. It too so, but is only realization mechanisms.

More convenient representation will be it: with a certain degree of a stretch we will consider an organism as “biorobot“ which for rotation by a hand or a leg needs the computer. Under “add stretches“ it is understood that there is also a mentality - high-level regulatory processes about which the science knows in general and homeopathy little in particular. Therefore the concept “biorobot“ quite approaches when it is about an exchange, regulation of bodies and systems.

As for mentality, certainly, it is very powerful system which just and keeps under control all other processes proceeding in an organism and homeopathy by definition irrespective of cultivations, influences an organism through mentality. But it is a separate subject of researches. What we should know, beginning conversation on animals:

1. All homeopathy - all preparations - influence an organism of animals as well as on a human body - there are no slightest differences even in the smallest symptomatology. And as animals react to preparations quicker and more brightly, they are ideal “ground“ for researches. Well, and being this ground, have to from it and something to have useful: let these “tests“ have the restoring character - at the same time and we will treat.

2. There is one essential difference between impact of homeopathy on the person and an animal who needs absolutely to be known: unlike the person, at animals immunity is not fixed. If it is enough to person “to spend on drink“ a certain course of homeopathy, and it will be quite healthy, meanwhile - that in an organism “will not be grunted“ under the influence of the external reasons, at animals a situation absolutely other - their health needs constant care.

In this sense the homeopathy can be considered as “the device of external immunity“, as the medical ventilation apparatus, with only that difference that it is necessary for an animal throughout all life.

Badly it or is good? In life there is no something unambiguously bad or good at all. The matter is that at elite breeds one of inevitable “focuses“ is almost total absence of immunity.

Deformation of genetics, deformation of frame, a nose, paws, wool - all that does breed by breed inevitably causes demolition of immune mechanisms without what it is almost impossible to receive new breed. So any breed is no other than a certain deformation of immune structures.

Here just there is also that plus as the homeopathy and only homeopathy is capable “to level“ this situation - to restore the immune mechanism or, more precisely, to correct it to the level of normal functioning when the being normally grows, develop and live long enough, pleasing the owners with everything, than it is only possible.