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How to choose linoleum? And how to lay it?

What linoleum or DVP is better? linoleum possesses
Unlike DVP warmly and sound insulation. DVP, in fact - the pressed paper. What
linoleum to choose?
concerning the choice and a flooring of linoleum a number of rules which need to be followed strictly for receiving desirable result is. There is a linoleum commercial and semi-commercial, industrial. Upon linoleum purchase, you ask documents on its quality. If there are no documents - go to other shop. It is better to choose not commercial, but industrial linoleum on a polyurethane basis. It practical will also serve not less than thirty years. There is still a linoleum on the basis of “Ekopol“, its basis consists of special fibers, and from above a protective film. It is strong, smooth and elastic, it is easy to wash it. It is simple to cut and stack too. There is a lot of coloring. That`s all. There is a Tarkett linoleum. It has the made foam basis which allows to feel comfortably on linoleum even in the winter. It is better to take semi-commercial option. It will serve long and on a surface there will be no dents from chairs and chairs. The only minus at this linoleum is the small choice in respect of flowers and drawings, generally either “board“ or “parquet“, but recently the range in this plan extends. What
linoleum will not stretch? This shortcoming - the past ghost. “Skeleton“ for the majority of modern coverings is fiberglass. It is in the middle of “pie“ and provides stability of the linear sizes. Exactly thanks to fiberglass linoleum does not take seat and does not stretch. whether
Should be considered at the choice of linoleum in what room it will lie?
Today types of a covering with different characteristics exist. To define the easiest way for what service conditions concrete linoleum is intended, - to use the European system of classification for floor coverings of EN 685. On it all rooms are divided into three types. In figure 2 are designated inhabited, figure 3 - office, by figure 4 - production. One more figure defines intensity of loading: 1 - low, 2 - average, 3 - high, 4 - very high. The combination of two figures and the corresponding pictogram (a lodge and little men) designate a class of a floor covering. For example: 22 - premises with average loading, 33 - office room with high loading etc. What class the covering is necessary for you, it is possible to look in the catalog or to learn from the selling assistant. So, for a bedroom or an office class 21 linoleum, will be suitable for kitchen and a corridor in the apartment where live 1 - 2 person, - 23. And the same kitchen in the apartment where there live 3 persons and more, needs already a class 31.
As is correct to lay it?
linoleum needs to allow to rest in bed within 48 hours in expanded form. Spread linoleum end-to-end to a wall at which the door to the room, is located to opposite, without cutting off. In 48 hours (if high temperature, it is possible earlier) when folds and bends will be smoothed it is possible to start cutting. It is better for scrap to do together that the opposite edge did not move down. it is simple to cut thin linoleum, but it is possible to pierce incidentally a sharp object. I recommend to zavaltsevat keen edges (a stone for sharpening of knives) the wide pallet and putting the pallet in a corner, to accurately cut off a cloth a stationery knife (an edge 18 mm wide - it). An allowance from a wall it is necessary to leave no more than 10 mm. The most admissible allowance - 20 mm as floor a plinth block only 25 mm. Means, you cut off from two parties. Other two parties (at equal walls) have to adjoin to walls initially at a flooring. Where heating pipes are located, it is necessary to cut out accurately a circle (previously having marked) and behind a pipe to join it.
That`s all! Successful repair!