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How to tempt own husband?

in the relations cannot be spoken About the woman`s dissatisfaction. It is as if indecent. And how to speak about what and to admit - that awkwardly? And the problem exists. A weak half of mankind often about it is silent. I want to tell the husband “You“ is a feat! Alas, it during the difficult periods can be not appreciated.

Well there are at the man moments when he was tired, plunged into work and “forgot“ about sex and about you. It though the representative of strong part of mankind, and all - the ordinary person. And the ordinary person is not always anxious with sex as it is accepted (or there is a wish) to consider.

Somewhere I heard the statement: the real woman is not that which can tempt many men, and that, which always attractive to own husband. Agree, to be a seductive riddle for the person who “got to the core“ of you for a long time and saw more than once not only in an unattractive look, but also in different poses naked, difficult. Novozmozhno.

What to do and what to be careful of to the woman when the soul grieves for romanticism, and a body is eager for sex?

In the cooled-down relations it is inappropriate to declare to object the sensual desires directly. At best the request will be followed by unromantic execution of “matrimonial duties“. Faugh! I do not want duties. It is not interesting. Not fascinatingly also does not intrigue. I want passion, thirst, unpredictability!
All candles and transparent peignoirs, of course, are good. At the beginning of the relations when there is already enough romanticism. And if the family exists more than 3-4-5 years (determine the term) - will surprise nobody with beautiful linen in the period of calm. Therefore transparency can not give the expected effect.
All erotic councils from women`s magazines, from my point of view, generally describe hackneyed, uninteresting ways of influence. It is not enough intrigue, result - unpredictable. Sometimes - offensively any.
the Most effective beginning of attraction - leaving … in. No, not “the offended unsatisfied lady left in a huff...“ Any rage and claims. Full acceptance of a situation. With good and secret. Just in life of the precious spouse the Riddle suddenly appeared. Mrrr … It already began the game. Keep, men!

So, I retired into oneself. What does it mean? I love the husband and I wait for him. But I demand nothing. I just completely was engaged in the usual life. I prepare to eat to it, good night I speak, and … all. Itself I do not climb! Even I do not touch. The communication initiative from the women`s party is completely excluded. All these “well, talk to me“ or “and you know what happened today to me“ have to disappear.

It is important to husband to notice absence of the wife! And to miss, it is necessary to stay without you.

during “leaving“ will not prevent to make toilet. But not for the sake of it! And for the sake of. To enjoy, admire itself independently. Eventually, beauty I or not! Everything that pleases and gives pleasure during this period of time, - yes! All frustration - are not present! It is exciting to take erotic dancing classes. They feed with energy, sexuality. I, for example, very much like belly dance and a strip - dens. I look at myself - and I see the sensuality embodiment! Aakhkhkh... as it is pleasant to feel. For the husband it is optional to dance at once. But to practice smoothness of movements, flexibility of a body it is shown since the beginning of successful occupations.

By the way, it is possible to be beautiful and it is necessary always. Radiate pleasure. Let him always see light ray in your person.

When the man will notice absence of the wife, will return from the ustalost, he has to find the embodiment of Perfection and Beauty! And it is pleasant to be surprised, at least …

during seduction to the spouse it is important to span to be engaged in a household in the usual mode. Children are fed, the lunch smells delicious, in the apartment it is cozy and lovely. As if nothing changed.

The husband should not suspect something wrong. “Obyknovennost“ adds an intrigue.

it is good if it is possible to find hobby in which it will turn out to steep ““. The preoccupation the life, absorption in new interests is stronger, the bigger there will be an effect.

The man needs to understand at least sometimes that he at you not one in so important life. It warms up its hunting instinct.

during thin involvement of the husband needs to show patience. Here and now sex will not turn out. Let it will be sweet languor. The tasty candy has to ripen. And if you are eager for passionate sex, it is necessary to wait that magic moment.

The man, as any ordinary person, needs time for switching from one sphere in life on another. Give it the chance to recover quietly.

the Last stage of attraction begins when the man came up from the work and fatigue and began to look narrowly at what occurs around.

And here I radiate aroma of sex. And the influence is thinner, the effect is deeper. As if nothing occurs. I only dart a magic glance, I catch it and at once I turn away, as if I hesitate, accidentally. He understood nothing too. It seemed? Can be … But he will look for this easy loop of desire. So, the hunter already woke up! And it should give the chance to hunt!

Show the perfection where there are well no opportunities for sex. Here it, final intrigue! No touches are necessary. In a look - dream. In the movements - smoothness. In a voice, in a deep sensual, velvet voice - all you. The smile - attracting sweet. And the woman - such tasty and inaccessible! Let the hunter dream, pines, tries to obtain.

Then, he, of course, will achieve you. You will resist not strongly...

Also all what I spoke at the beginning of this narration about will come true, and it is even more. “I want you“, - he will gently growl in your ear. And transparent peignoirs for certain will not be necessary. Will undress before you manage to pull them on yourself.

And I love such moments, it is fine!

But at once I warn: to reach it it is difficult.

It is necessary to overcome itself, to bring up. To switch the attention from natural physical desire to other spheres to lives. To get rid of internal unsatisfied rage. To relax. Nobody in to accuse …

generally, to accept a situation and darling it what it is and to aspire with all the heart to the best.