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How to write articles it is interesting?

Having read this article, you learn some secrets about how to make article successful, and at the end I will tell you what after all to begin with.

1. The fat name
In order that your article was read, it has to interest in something the potential reader. Actually there are several moments, main of which, in my opinion - the fat name.
All of us will come across on the Internet announcements of death of some actor / singer, and visiting at the link, we will come across the description of the next role or just the story about some namesake. It at the same time both a good, and bad trick: plus is that article is read after all, or at least begin to read. Obvious minus - a poppycock, loss of the authority of a resource which distributes this information.

you for certain remember interest in introduction what the second paragraph in this article began with.
And so, is quite possible that someone, and can be even you came to read it only having become interested in this secret.

3. Accurate registration by
Ya it is sure that you noticed how I broke article into paragraphs. Here little it is possible to tell: just like that it is more conveniently read. The main thing - not to go too far, divide the text not for appearance and that it was correct. Correctly - it is when the paragraph - small history from the whole article.

4. Rules which it is necessary observe
the Text has to be written so that it was not a shame to you to show it to mother, the father, the grandmother, the girl, the teacher of Russian, the president, Vaske from the neighboring yard. On the websites all meet, and sometimes what you write about is simply not clear to them. Write competently, follow rules of Russian: in - tsya the soft sign is not always written, and here the comma before the union and in the middle of the offer is put always! Before sending article to the Internet, read it until any words, phrases or offers do not cease to cut (hearing?) . What a pity that seldom many copywriters conform to this rule.

5. Qualitative content your text has to be written to
so as if you write it for this purpose who not from the first understands obvious truth - you can call things by their proper names, but do not forget to explain each word if it belongs to a professional slang. Before publishing the written article, read it. Present that you - full “teapot“ in this question. Everything is clear to you? Publish!

6. There is less water
If you write about the iptables control, you should not be told about a favourite hamster.

7. Existence of infographics
Dilute boring interesting articles with pictures, it is possible provocative. The main thing - do not abuse. I could post Anna Semenovich`s photo here, but neither it, nor her photo here at anything.

we do not forget keywords that can incidentally come across your article, reading something similar. And so, define what words it can be characterized and enter it in tags (tags).

9. Refer to the checked sources
of Article happen different: instructions, grants, stories … If it is required, do not forget to select the separate paragraph for references to primary sources to confirm some of your statements.

10. Finish beautifully
So, write the first article and just publish it!