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Sense of guilt: whether there can be it constructive?

“Someone, apparently, slandered Josef K. because, without having made anything bad, he got under arrest“. Franz Kafka`s novel “Process“ So begins. Throughout all work his main character Josef K. tries to be exempted from court, to prove everyone and everything that he is innocent. However all its attempts are vain because process is conducted not by usual civil court. Josef K. manages internal court over by itself.

I, probably, could not estimate all depth of this novel if I did not read its interpretation by the famous American psychologist before - the existentialist Earvin Yalom in the book “Existential Psychotherapy“. Yalom considers “Process“ as the most fascinating description of one of incredibly strong and deep experiences of the person - of existential fault .

In simple terms, the existential fault is a regret that you live not that life for which was born, do not use the potential to the maximum, are lazy and think out any excuses not to answer yourself truthfully an important question: “What I really want in this life?“ the subject of existential fault deeply excited me with

; apparently, the thinnest, most sensitive strings of my soul were mentioned.

I suddenly understood why idleness , or laziness, is the fourth mortal sin. Spending in vain given it by destiny, the person the crime against itself commits. He is guilty “owing to not made it in life“. And as often in life we are lazy! As often we think: “The hell with him...“ Many of us tell

in the justification: “I do not know at all what I want! “ However according to most of humanists and existential psychologists with which I am inclined to agree, the person has initial knowledge of the potential opportunities. It should not spend all life for understanding for what he is given birth. In the center of the being each person knows himself. It is only enough to it to listen to himself, to trust in intuition, and he will receive the answer. Real, truthful.

If we do not follow the nature, then inevitably we feel fault, alarm. And our life turns into never-ending Process where the Accuser pronounces a sentence, the Lawyer tries to protect, and the Defendant, in turn, or admits the guilt and takes the part of the accuser, or absolutely denies it.

In case of denial of “guilt“, we are doomed to come back to a dock again and again. Refusing to accept responsibility for own life and completely ignoring call original “I“, we feel like unfortunate people, the victims of the circumstances which developed not in our advantage. We regret for past life and not for the world would not like to repeat it.

If the person, on the contrary, does not run away from sense of guilt (and the temptation is big because this experience is so strong that heart presses), and dares it to live, then there is a high probability of the fact that, eventually, the situation will change. Because existential fault, in my opinion, very constructive emotion which - is not destroying, and stimulating, giving understanding that it is necessary to take destiny in hand.