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It became sad. How to help itself?

Are probable, the state when the sadness and longing rolls is familiar to you. Nothing pleases around: behind a window a vile infinite rain, nobody wants to be seen and heard, boring work bored. At such moment you are covered by irresistible desire to get into a bed and to take cover with the head a blanket to hide from the whole world.

At such sad moments it seems that in life there came “the black strip“ which will never come to an end. House climb with some requests and councils, phone calls annoyingly. And you want to remain alone with yourself … And whether you know that it is possible to send your grief to the positive course? How? Let`s try to understand.

What is grief?

Wikipedia gives to

such definition: Grief - negatively painted emotion. Arises in case of a considerable dissatisfaction of the person in any aspects of his life“.

We long not just like that. If to us the grief crept on tiptoe, it means that our life develops not as we would like that. It is a sign of the fact that it is time to change something to remove the grief cause. She acts as the incentive motive forcing the person to work actively to correct his unsatisfactory situation.

What to do with grief?

Very few people from us think of the nature of the grief and tries to listen to the internal voice. That with it to do: to fight somehow, or to leave everything as is?

Let`s say that you decided to reconcile with your grief. For this purpose were reasonable, from your point, an explanation: “So it happened, I was not lucky this time, it is necessary to endure this situation, you should not force events. I will better wait“. Instead of working, you aggravate the conditions of grief which can develop also into a depression over time.

By and large, you do not want to understand that caused in you sad mood. When it is sad, everything around badly: swore with the chief, shortchanged in shop, for some reason private life does not develop etc. Familiar situation?

Grief - a source of creative inspiration

When flew grief, try to express the feelings, having written, for example, the poem. If with verses not in a harmony, then write about the experiences in prose. You write only for yourself. Without your permission nobody will read these lines written when to you it was bad. When life turns to you the sunny side, re-read what was written minutes of grief.

Perhaps, you will be pleasantly surprised how strongly it managed to you to transfer the emotional mood what exact and choice words and expressions you found for this purpose. The explanation for it very simple - any experience, a shock or even a small grustinka is sources for creativity.

Perhaps, a minute of grief you will want to compose a melody which will be conformable to your mood. Fast you sit down at the tool. Music in which you told of yourself can paint tremendous pictures in your imagination and force to rethink the life.

And, maybe, you are amicable with an easel. Then it is a high time to take paints and cats and to begin to create. Also it is not important at all what will be represented in your future picture, the main thing - that it reflected your state: in color scale, in a special orientation of lines and in some mysterious plot.

Eventually when to you felt depressed, begin to be engaged in what you love. It is worth transferring your experiences from the sphere emotional in physical, i.e. to create what can be seen, heard or touched. Thus you become the owner of the experiences: not they own you, but you begin to operate them. Glance

in a family album

If to you it is sad, it is a high time to get an album with old photos and to ponostalgirovat. Here yours the grandmother with the grandfather - graduates of MSU - were photographed on Vorobyovy Gory. They are such young people, laugh, they have all life ahead!

The photo of your parents, they met in a hike across the Carpathians. Sit at a fire and sing something to the guitar. And who is small with a big bow and in a school uniform? It is very ridiculous to look at himself at children`s age.

Your grief gradually leaves, giving way to pleasant memories …

Fall in love with yourself

When there is a wish to see nobody - means, it is a high time to take care of the own life.

Indulge the body. Light in a candle bathroom, turn on the weakening music, add aromatic oil to warm water, relax and enjoy.

Replace the image. Change a hair color, make a new hairdress, choose for yourself a new make-up, make manicure.

Carry out audit of the clothes. Give preference to clothes of bright tones. Know that orange and red colors install optimism, yellow gives confidence, violet and blue colors calm. Hide far away clothes of gray, black and brown tones. It is hardly useful soon to you.

Enjoy the loneliness. In vain life to us not so often manages to stay alone with itself. If it occurred, I advise to be disconnected from everything that so irritated you: it is a high time to bring order to the soul and to hear a voice of the heart.

You well worked to help. Grief clouds already left your horizon, and the soul was exempted from the wearying her melancholy.

the Questions demanding your answer

you remember that the grief settles in our heart when we test some dissatisfaction in life. This feeling collects in consciousness gradually. When “the bowl is overflowed with a dissatisfaction“, it streams, filling with a negative our thoughts and changing attitude. Thus we receive a signal: it is time to change something in our life.

Each person has the problem. That to understand it, it is necessary to answer himself two questions. What specifically does not satisfy you? What can you make to break a situation?

If you are able to answer, it will become clear to you in what party it is necessary to take the first steps. If the direction is chosen correctly, then you will be surprised how your attitude strikingly changed: everything will become blue and green around.

And in your heart the world and rest will be installed!