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American dreams or Radiator Paradise?

Besides traditional forms of display of cinema - in a cinema hall or houses by means of the TV (perhaps, connected to any video to the player) - one more was added recently, a little unexpected. It is about viewing of movies on the way, most often - in the bus. What was in a videoshop on flight to my hometown, for the evening and night on the way? Somewhere on two thirds it consisted of animated cartoons. So, I had then an opportunity to look at both parts of “Ice Age“ , And still “Madagascar“ ...

But here the other day I could watch the animation movie which approaches “on all hundred“ viewing in the bus - the speech, of course, about “Wheelbarrows“ , One more perfect work of studio of computer animation “Piksar“. Here already you imagine how the phrase found the translator that “even in Kiev of such roads is not present“ when we pass one of our Ukrainian cities, something similar to Radiator Paradise of the movie “will work“. The road is so destroyed there that for departure from there the driver was forced to go to the route... on the sidewalk. And it is still interesting to watch how the trailer Mark fights against a dream, remembering as drives in a dream in the dead of night, somewhere already beyond Poltava...

Characterizing the movie of the Wheelbarrow, authors of reviews the main write about its entertaining party, about almost circus gags like falling of the main character, the car for races of the Lightning to a hole with cactuses, its hangs on cable wires, intimidations together with a tow Cheesecakes of tractors and flight from the combine, note skill with which translators and actors managed to inform such ​ ​ the cheerful atmosphere of a picture to the Ukrainian viewer. It, certainly, so, however would be desirable to notice about thanks to what authors of animation managed to depart from one-dimensionality - so to speak, purely entertainment, and all. So, would like to pay attention to irony and national color.

The fact that of “Wheelbarrow“ - the movie American, to the viewer it is difficult not to notice there in one of episodes is even shown how over sleepy Radiator Paradise rises polosato - a star-shaped flag. However authors managed to recreate not plakatno - the patriotic, and the real atmosphere of America though to catch a little its imperceptible spirit. Here other American movie watched recently - “The broken flowers“ of Jim Jarmusch is remembered.

Creators and “Wheelbarrows“ and “The broken flowers“ softly sneer at automobile structure of America - life flows differently near the big highway, with the minor road and absolutely differently where there is only a dirt road. What can be seen by the way in an episode when Don Johnston, the main character “The broken flowers“ goes at first on the highway, then local and the end to a dirt road to Penny in “Wheelbarrows“ it is developed in the whole history of the city Radiator Paradise which prospered until the built big highway between states bypassed it.

It is worth mentioning also a sentimentality of Americans to sport, in particular, to an auto racing - one of the dominating subjects of “Wheelbarrows“ also vskolz is mentioned by Jim Jarmusch in “The broken flowers“ when Laura - the heroine who is played by Sharon Stone - Tells about the husband who burned down in the car directly during race - “all country saw it on the TV“. Well and, of course, the world in which one cars are not present people at all and animals (even in a bright lamp not flies, and small avtomobilchik fight with wings), however looks logical that it was thought up in America.

It is, among other things, very ironic image of that, how strongly Americans depend on the “four-wheel friends“: my acquaintance told that in the United States who has no driving license it is forced to sit “within four walls“ as in their town sidewalks are not even provided...

Really, Americans are able on to sneer at themselves, to us at them is mnogochy to learn how to do cheerfully, witty and not shablonno. Here only for some reason self-irony almost not to find it in “big“ Hollywood cinema, apparently, that its shelter - the independent film and animated films from “Piksar“...

But in “Wheelbarrows“ it is not only about irony. Americans, apparently, is the nation of dreamers, and they dream of themselves. We already wrote about Great American dream which is that everyone, irrespective of situation, gets the happiness by only efforts, so far as concerned Alfred Hitchcock`s movie “Strangers in the train“. The lightning - is better its embodiments and at the same time denial - he is able to drive very well, but without support of friends its progress what is worth little.

Therefore we see that Great American dream in “wheelbarrows“, as well as in many other movies, any more not dream, but reality, and then already dream of another. For example, about that having received success, for example, having won the end “A piston cup“ at the end, not to become after that the haughty villain, and to remain such as the leader of race in 1951 - 1953 “Buick“ Dock.

By the way if to pay attention to date (and still to remember, actually, a story about the past of radiator Paradise), we deal with the myth again about “Golden Age“ which for Americans often is represented at this particular time. Great world war came to the end with a victory, attack on Pearl Harbour managed to be forgotten, the “ordinary“ American somewhere buys at this time the first car, and war in Vietnam, protests and hippie somewhere still far ahead in the future.

In principle, Ukrainians - too the nation of dreamers, and we are able to speak about the dreams too, to find for them art - and sometimes and real - the embodiment. However, unfortunately, did not remove a full-length animated cartoon about the dreams yet.