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Alternative energy - energy of the future or simple entertainment?

the Question of sources of alternative energy every day become more and more important in our everyday life, and I think that you guess why.

It is clear to all that sources of traditional power will be settled over time, and people will need new. So why in advance not to think of this problem? It seems to me, it is worth beginning to look for and develop the new directions of obtaining energy already now. What earth we will leave to the children: pure and blossoming or polluted by industrial wastes?

You can tell: “It is not my problem, it is a problem of the government!“ I will dare to correct you: this problem is important only only for us, but not for the power, ourselves have to think of the future and only we, all know long ago that the people are indifferent for the government.

I consider that development of new and environmentally friendly ways of obtaining energy will help mankind to clear our planet and to keep its original state. Can seem to someone that it is nonsense and all directions of nonconventional power do not carry under themselves a serious context, but it not so... And the striking example to it is Denmark...

Denmark became the first country which declared to the whole world that she completely will be able to refuse oil to 2050 - mu to year. Black gold for which were at war so much already today begins to lose the value and will once lose it completely.

What will be our life without oil? From where we will receive light and heat? How cars will move?

Modern Denmark can give answers to these questions.

In telecasts “the Matter of time: Life Without Oil“ nonconventional ways of obtaining energy which not at an experiment stage, and are already specifically put into practice are lit: energy of an applause instead of fuel oil (as the audience warms with the bodies the theater building), receiving biogas (as manure to become an income source in millions of euros), receiving plastic from mushrooms, receiving biofuel from waste, use of wind generators (their merit is 20% of the developed electric power in the country), and also is a lot of other interesting and useful information. I advise all to watch this video lasting 25 minutes which will change your idea of alternative power engineering and will show that all this is real and perspective.

It is possible to live so … and the more so showed us what needs to be done for this purpose!

Time to reflect, for the present not absolutely late, over consequences of our actions which every day kill our planet came. Our generation has to lay “the foundation for revival of the planet Earth“ because to our children can already not be what to revive, the situation every day becomes more critical!

So to do to us what needs to be undertaken?

The answer is simple: to look for and develop new ways of obtaining energy, or to pass to “green“ power sources already known to us.

As you understand: one man is no man, but if the mankind unites against this problem, then it will be able to win a victory! And this victory will be, perhaps, the most grandiose and the most powerful!