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What to wish you, the present?

Dark velvet of night. The silver scattering of stars in the sky mysterious blinking attracts a look Suddenly in a sky the new star lights up, and as if gives a signal the bright shine. If to trust ancient legends, then the moment of its emergence symbolizes the birth of one more person on Earth. There is a great secret of life. There begins the course of life a small being of the universe. What its way will be? What it is possible to wish it, the been born person?

The birth of the little person marks the beginning of its individual mission on Earth. In it still a fragile being the set of abilities, talents and spiritual powers is already put. And a task of the person to disclose year after year throughout life this hidden internal potential, to realize the mission, and the most important to manage to execute it.

The been born person will happen to overcome the vital steps, to receive the portion of lessons from life to understand and find itself. Through feelings of part of the universe, people learns to comprehend his laws and to interact with the world.

Each person over his course of life has the individual spiritual search where it gets an opportunity to see value passed and to get the experience of overcoming of difficult situations. Will depend on the choice of the person that it will take itself(himself) in life and that will manage to create from the available opportunities.

The person will need to grow to understanding of the mission on Earth. Such opportunity comes to the person over time at his internal readiness. But even his knowledge does not facilitate life, and only clears up. There comes the period of understanding and check of the mission. It is checked as far as the person is ready can, dare and be able to realize the potential of the abilities. And will depend on the choice of the person, depth of understanding of the opportunities, internal readiness and spiritual powers, the mission will be how successfully executed by the person.


Ya forces And life gave me difficulties to make me strong.
Ya asked wisdom And life gave me problems for permission.
Ya asked riches And life gave me a brain and muscles that I could work.
Ya asked an opportunity to fly And life gave me obstacles that I overcame them.
Ya asked love And life gave me people to whom I could help with their problems.
Ya asked the benefits And life gave me opportunities.
Ya received nothing from this about what it asked. But I received everything that it was necessary for me.

Once all of us were on the place of this newborn person. In the sky the star meaning our birth was also lit. We also came to this world with the potential and vital mission. And now, after years, from this what is passed and comprehended in this life what we, present, can wish to this little person? Let`s wish new life:

to introduce the part of good and love to this world;

abilities to see fine in ordinary;

to find the vital reference points;

abilities to distinguish the main thing from minor;

abilities to rise after falling;

determination in difficult situations;

to find itself and to find the place in this world.

And, above all we will wish to the new person to be oneself, that is present. Each of us was granted this opportunity to be present, to realize who you where you go and why are.