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At lessons - the Internet: effectively or not?

Time are inevitably accelerated by the run. All hurry to live. It is necessary to be in time a lot of things. For this purpose it is necessary to know a lot of things. Communication, information and speed are necessary. To meet these requirements, in all spheres of human activity the latest technologies are developed and take root: technical, communicative.

One of ways of improvement of training and education is an application of information computer technologies, in particular the Internet. It is no secret that most of children get acquainted with the Internet of the teachers much earlier, and acquaintance is most often doubtful or confused character. And if from time immemorial the teacher was on a front line of society why and in this case not to be a conductor which will bring the pupil to a right way?

The Internet an opportunity to satisfy to international and modern standards of training, to get an education, to become demanded, to find the circle of contacts gives the chance to quickly obtain information (subject, educational character), to be aware of scientific, educational events. At last, the Internet is a speed, beauty, efficiency.

What forms of use of the Internet are possible at lessons?

the Internet - not the panacea from ignorance, is only one of tools which the teacher can use. It is possible to go to navigation on the Internet that:

for a short time to read historical, biographic data on the websites which are in advance picked up by the teacher;

to pass on - line testing;

to study electronic grants;

to have a good time (being trained and developing) on informatively - the entertaining websites;

to diversify a lesson, carrying out a blitz - poll in a chat, at a forum;

visually to show to pupils portraits, models, exercise machines, etc.;

to organize proyektno - research activity;

to organize kruzhkovy activity.

In what advantage of a lesson with the Internet before a traditional form of a lesson?

High degree of presentation (exercise machines, models, animation, photos).

High extent of interactivity.

Variety and large volume of information.

I recommend to teachers use of the Internet at some lessons:

1. Where it is necessary to obtain various information (then to arrange exchange of information).

2. Where it is necessary to create some concept (for example, concept of a regular polyhedron).

3. Where it is necessary to carry out primary examination, skills (to carry out on the test - line, to learn an assessment, and then all together to discuss tasks and decisions).

4. Where it is necessary to cultivate interest in a subject (razvlekatelno - the informative websites).

5. Where it is necessary to form ability to independent cognitive activity.

A task of the teacher not only in imparting to the pupils knowledge which he owns. The teacher has to build the activity so that pupils were fair, sane, inquisitive, independent, active, modern. And in order that there was a good result, it is necessary to look for new methods and forms of teaching.