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Problems with hair - what can be the cause?

Trichologists who are engaged in diagnostics and treatment of problems with hair, declare that the problem of a hair loss is not just cosmetic problem which is followed by discomfort but also the medical problem demanding diagnostics and treatment.
For a start needs to establish the reason of a hair loss, only one disposal of unpleasant symptoms and the dropped-out hair on a hairbrush is not enough.
the Hair loss can be connected with the seasonal phenomena, according to trichologists, in the fall and in the spring we lose more hair, than during the summer and winter periods. If loss is connected only with a seasonal factor, then treatment will be reduced, only to the simple preventive and strengthening procedures. Hair follicles at seasonal do not die off a hair loss, only the hair suffers. Prevention, the strengthening masks quickly will relieve you of a seasonal problem with hair.
If passes a hair loss smoothly to baldness, then it is already pathology. And if in time not to address experts who are, as a rule, in any cities, for example, we enter into search on the Internet or we inquire in help service - treatment of hair Kazan, and we receive phones and addresses of trichologists in your city, then it is possible to lose also all indumentum on the head. From a dense head of hear there will be only memoirs.
according to trichologists, hair on our hairbrush is not a joke of the nature, it is a signal to work.
is frequent ourselves also are involved in a hair loss. Let`s say during the winter period we carry too close and dense headdresses, as a result head skin does not breathe, blood badly circulates. Also weaving of intricate and hard braids, difficult hairdresses with liters of the varnishing means harms our hair. And it is difficult to imagine harm from a chemical wave, coloring, frequent use of hair dryers, irons. Big physical loadings, stresses, nervous shocks also harm our hair. There is also an interrelation between sharp diets and a condition of our hair. As a rule, the bad condition of hair signals about shortcomings of vitamins of groups. And yes. In, or a squirrel in our organism. At the weakened immunity, after the postponed serious illness, reception of strong drugs the condition of our hair also can will worsen.
to improve a condition of hair (not to cure - experts trichologists are engaged in treatment) it is necessary to provide an organism with vitamin B. It is necessary to protect a hair from sharp temperature differences - in the winter everything is will not prevent to wear a cap, and a bath or a sauna to put on a protective hat. Will not prevent and to try to restore immunity of an organism in a complex - to improve the general state, also our hair will become healthier and more attractive.
Whenever possible it is worth using less often chemical coloring, hair dryers, irons, varnishes.
has the Restoring effect for hair also massage of head skin, it is possible to carry out it in time procedures of washing of the head. It is possible to use for washing of the head special medical shampoos or shampoos on herbs, to indulge the hair masks and serums against a hair loss.
Among folk remedies leaders - masks from burdock and castor oil. Masks from curdled milk and curdled milk inside has really magic effect on our hair.
the Healthy lifestyle, simple procedures and recommendations about care of hair, will help you cares for your hair and is proud of the healthy and shining natural gloss and silkiness.