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Why to the child - the oligophrenic person the computer?

the Pedagogics of our time does not see the development without introduction of new computer technologies. The special pedagogics also develops and finds new approaches to the solution of problems of training and education of children with defects of development. Introduction of computer technologies will facilitate to experts work on correction of violations, will help children quickly and to join without serious consequences the life surrounding them, and also to have an opportunity to obtain available information in more modern way. Application of computer technologies gives to children the chance to develop in a new kind of activity - work on the computer independently. An opportunity to provide an individual approach in training, providing adequate for each child of speed and a way of assimilation of knowledge, so and ensuring the individual system help - here sense of application in defectology of computer technologies. Perception of material at children with violation of intelligence very different, so and computer pogramma have to suit each child. For what the oligophrenic person needs - to be trained in the child work on the computer? Application of computer programs and the computer developing games will help to stimulate intellectual activity of the child, to develop spatial thinking, memory, logic, attention. To accustom the child to work independently, to make decisions and most to cope with an objective. And also it is better to develop small motility of hands. Training of children by means of the computer has to help and facilitate work to the teacher in the decision korrektsionno - educational tasks and to be part of all school process.

You ask - whether a lot of time is necessary on preparation for such lesson what resources need to be involved, extent of possession of the teacher and pupil of the computer? the Teacher has to present to

accurately before himself the purpose which he wants to achieve. He has to own basic skills of work on the computer, desire to change traditional forms of work at a lesson - for interesting lessons by means of computer technologists. The purposes at a lesson to put both training, and developing and informative. To try new forms of work with umstvennootstaly children. By drawing up a lesson the Internet has to be able to use resources. To competently set search of material and registration to it - drawings, pictures, animation, music.

To children for development of skills, initial, work on the computer for carrying out the subsequent lessons it is enough of one, devoted to acquaintance and trainings to work with a mouse. The training CDs - disks and programs - exercise machines can help with it (Maus, Bolls etc.)

How it is often necessary to conduct such lessons? it seems to me that 1 - 2 lesson a month on an explanation new, or on fixing will be quite sufficient and will not lead to the ordinary of such lesson. As a result children will look forward to future lessons with use of computers and to work at traditional lessons in a class more hard. Everything listed above demonstrates that work with umstvennootstaly children demands first of all high qualification of the teacher - the speech pathologist possessing good professionalism with modern information technologies, the verified programs for training of umstvennootstaly children, kindness and love to these children. All this finally will be a particle of a contribution to a problem of adaptation and a survival of children - oligophrenic persons in the modern world filled with information and new technologies.