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Prison and control of a piano

Summer for the provincial adjuster a “dead“ season. Music schools and circles do not work, “gooses“, so call at us young “Betkhovenov“, on vacation and are glad to it, though insufficiently long in their opinion, to rest from “the scales which bothered to death“ and arpedzhio. Therefore cases of orders are single and proceed only from true fans of playing music and in connection with some anniversaries and celebrations, or sudden “arrivals“ of the visiting little-known performers by all means demanding ideal setup of the available tools. And Richter in Uralsk was only once and with itself(himself) it brought then the grand piano and the adjuster, and various “Ranetka“ sing under “plywood“, they need other control.

The culture, per se, from the point of view of philosophy is category superlinear and is defined by basis, that is degree of perfection of the developed economic situation in the country. And the economy in the countries of the former Soviet Union obviously does not apply for perfection, would be paradoxical if the spiritual component of most of the population leading a beggarly and life deprived of civil rights found realization in the form of “worship“ of music and developments of personal musical abilities. When there is no bread, muses are silent. Only modern “Nerona“ somehow “move“ in this direction, our “princess“, for example, even rented a scene of the Bolshoi Theatre in Moscow, at once after the first scandalous pornographic premiere of theater after repair, for demonstration, more than modest, abilities of the opera singer.

Remembering that rest, is change of actions, all summer I take at the dacha at which hard physical work, on the one hand, increases my level of material security a little, in the form of vegetables, fruits and fruit, and on the other hand, it seems, is also rest. And when becomes absolutely unbearable, I afford fishing, the benefit that in Uralsk natural opportunities for this purpose still remained. Of course, owing to material restrictions, transport and, the most important, lack of necessary communications in supervisory authorities, for fishing in slightly remote, but “fish“ places of area, I cannot afford this kind of activity now, so to speak, in “industrial scales“ a little to increase the welfare, however couple of crucians can be caught (but not to buy) now still and in the city.

Uralsk is located in the triangle bordering the city from three parties with the rivers Derkul, Chagan and, naturally, the Urals or Yaik as it was called earlier. The city park of rest is located on the bank of Chagan that absolutely near my house. There that I also spend all the free time in the summer. The park was put in imperial time, the ataman of the Ural Cossacks was his founder. Then the park received the new “revolutionary“ name “of Kirov“, now and I do not know how it is called officially. Several heads of our area replacing each other “modernized“ it, at the same time tents and other outlets of the predecessors communicated, “the“ restaurants were under construction, all footpaths and paths were asphalted, lamps of type “Arbat“ were established, now, for example, build the grandiose bridge through Chagan, etc. At the same time trees were cut down, but there was a main thing, the river Chagan, and in it, naturally, fish who came into this inflow of the Urals at a flood.

In our dusty and extremely hot city in the summer, the park is a certain outlet and always, especially in days off and holidays, is filled by the vacationer public. On weekdays, to the people not especially it is a lot of, however the contingent rather constant. Employees of life-saving station and club of water sports. Since morning they check the networks established in good time despite a categorical official ban. Then the first leave to sleep, and to the second children whom they learn to swim on kayaks and a canoe come. Early in the morning it is possible to observe middle-aged women who carry out the physical exercise, float, do gymnastics. On the asphalted paths, despite bans of police, cyclists, and even motorcyclists rush, grandmothers and nurses with grandsons walk. In the summer the coast is filled by the bathing children and the “drunk“ companies. It is a lot of police officers changing each other. It is easy “to calculate“ and I will give to the most ancient profession, there is a contingent of people of “the“ territories collecting bottles and constantly clashing on borders. Bums and other representatives of Gorky “Bottom“, recently their number considerably increased.

In park I know literally since the birth. Mother with the father who was not differing in big prosperities were not able to afford more exotic type of rest, carried me here literally from the cradle, then I already ran here itself and as material resources did not allow “to escape“ from Uralsk in due time too, and I continue to visit this park.

There is among regular customers and absolutely another, standing a little separately, a community. These are the former prisoners. Representatives of this group of people can be defined at once, they are dressed always in dark, despite a heat, frequent it is just old uniform. They constantly alerted, silent, do not get into conversations, sometimes gather on two - three persons, disperse then. I go fishing after dark therefore I am convinced that they spend the night too here.

It is necessary to tell that the former prisoners were observed in park earlier, however meetings with them were rather rare, time was it that laws did not allow “to be homeless“ officially, there was even a law on fight against parasitism, official unemployment was not therefore though it is frequent and formal, such people somewhere worked, or “were registered“ and as could, hid the situation to new “adventures“, or really became on the way of correction. Now to mask the social status there is no need as there is also no work which could occupy them and they are forced to adapt somehow to the developed conditions, the part of them has time to new term in our park.

Fishermen on Chagana in the summer and in the winter on ice, there is always a lot of. The local old men, children, frank poachers having communications with supervisory authorities simply fans to sit with a rod ashore. Some persons from among the former prisoners do not disdain fishing too as one of opportunities to become impregnated somehow. With one of them which fished constantly I, will or bondage, got acquainted. It is difficult to keep isolation if nearby constantly there is other person, and so it happened that our “lured“ places were near.

There passed a lot of time from the moment of our beginning of communication before he began to tell about himself. He sat somewhere near Krasnoyarsk, for many hundreds of kilometers from the next settlement, probably “swept up“ it in Russia. Did not speak about the reasons much, having assimilated to Ostap Bender who was limited to the formulation “on trifling business“. But when learned that by the main profession I am an adjuster, somehow became cheerful, started and told one case which occurred during its “vacation“ and which is connected with this profession.

At the heart of an event there was a plot which “is already beaten“ in several comedies today and it is connected with the organization of some solemn occasions in prison. Whether it was anniversary of their penal institution, whether some holiday at which the highest administration will be obligatory to be present. And there was he the witness of events and could describe them rather in detail because had some music education and was present at the same time as a certain consultant.

It came to a zone with a guitar. Probably, really it got “in a trifling case here“ as at once, under the influence of stories about prison romanticism, tried to play the guitar in a chamber. Among prisoners it, appears, was not welcomed and considered as impudent and defiant attempt “to earn“ conditionally - an early release, taking part in culturally - mass actions. Considering its small “experience“, to it did not accept the methods corresponding to this offense, and just advised to go to club where it also met numerous army of similar bards and as played “tolerably“ and it is even extraordinary including on a piano, “got on eyes“ to the administration and about it remembered when there was a need to give a concert by forces of prisoners on a solemn occasion.

The scale of action was, probably, really rather high as invited to it also the professional pianist from the city who laid down the conditions, having agreed to play only well adjusted instrument. The manager of prison club assumed that the piano is adjusted at factory - the manufacturer, and it is necessary to adjust only a guitar. Here then that was also remembered our hero.

My interlocutor in general told about a condition of a piano. It was the instrument of pre-war production, he did not remember brand, but on it did not play several keys, and control was such that in some places it was necessary to press not that key which was written in notes, and next. Those who played this instrument already “got used“. My new friend also reported on the administration on it then. As the expert with higher qualification on a zone was not, and it was entrusted to it to head process of preparation of the tool for a concert.

It is necessary to tell that it had a hearing, but he realized process of control only theoretically, and never saw how adjust the tool “alive“. From a bench of music school, he knew that strings are tense with an enormous force. Therefore it ordered to the administration an adjusting key which never saw. There were many workmen of people on a zone. Brought several welders, mechanics of the highest qualification who made an adjusting key. It represented the steel scrap of the standard size bent on the end on 90 degrees in which end face conical square deepening under the size a splitting by means of which strings of the tool also stretch was shaped. Tried, it turned out that the effort on the handle was and not such strong, the scrap was cut off in half, having left centimeters 60 - 70. By the way, the description of this key reminded the author his first self-made key unless its sizes were much less.

It is quite natural that on a zone there was never a tuning fork. The tuning fork was delivered with some opportunity from the city too though the tool was already almost adjusted by then. He was mistaken slightly, but reconstructed all tool again anew, on a tuning fork. It is quite natural that he did not experience special difficulties at control as, despite solid age, the tool since the beginning of operation was never adjusted and seats of kolok were not broken, in a good shape, the tension of strings after control did not change, splittings sat “is dead“. And when he played, naturally, “Murka“, ran together a half of a colony, all listened having opened mouths. According to numerous applications it lost all prison “classics“, then everything that knew in general. All were delighted, even its odnokamernik who expelled him in club with a guitar in the beginning.

The manager of club invited the chief of a colony. That came accompanied by the daughter who studied at the city at music school. She played “Too lived at the granny …“, made a clever face and told that she “will go“, for her father this conclusion was final instance, to consult there is nobody any more. But here the chief paid attention to appearance of the tool. It is necessary to tell that it looked classically. All surface of its external wooden parts was covered with the skillful carving repeating numerous and various tattoos of convicts. The administration could not understand therefore he also forced everything to putty and to paint over in some neutral color, well, maybe, with some specific “highlight“.

There were many handymen, and here works real, considering stagnant times, were not. Some, most the confidant to the administration and authorities, it was possible to get a job for the raised ration on one of “underground“ sawmills of the local and regional prison administration. The others were content with the fact that such “lucky“ brought from the place of work wooden preparations for hand-made articles. A souvenir backgammon and chess were in large quantities produced. Experts - cabinetmakers told that it is impossible to putty the tool, the carving deep, qualitative, all hard putty can be showered at game. Therefore it is necessary to repair capitally.

All carving completely was removed, and wooden details are covered with a special multilayered interline interval. Everything was qualitatively polished and polished. With the closed keys, sophisticated dreaming, the tool could be taken for a high, capacious, many-placed coffin from mahogany. Strictly following instructions of the chief, zavkluby realized that such vision of “highlight“ will not be pleasant to the administration, and at own risk it forced to paint the tool “under Khokhloma“. There were experts and this direction, some lozhechnik from a midland of Russia performed this work. Quality of a list, the applied paints and varnishes gave amazing effect. A combination of gold soil to juicy and bright red, green and black impregnations fantastic flowers and plants, made the tool a work of art. Now, on a scene of gloomy club it was perceived as an oasis, as the museum of the southern exotic plants behind the Polar circle.

The pianist from the city arrived a day before performance. Quality of setup of the tool quite suited it, was surprised only to its external look a little, took an interest whether manufactured the tool here, directly on a zone what answered that the tool factory, and is only external finishing. Rehearsals began with morning, too there were enough “actors“ on a zone, sang classics, like “Bell vesper“, several songs of modern composers. The special requisite and suits was not therefore all numbers carried a little specific shade reminding introductory film frames of V. Shukshin “A red guelder-rose“.

The high administration estimated preparation too and gave a positive assessment. All persons accompanying the administration after a concert approached the tool and in a whisper ordered to the local chief souvenirs in similar style.

Here such history was told me by my friend within several days which we with him spent together on the bank of Chagan. Then it unexpectedly was gone and any more I never saw it, and it would be desirable to learn about its current situation, plans, but, alas, did not happen. It would be possible to assume on this occasion much, considering a manner of his statement and some specific character of the narration, his stories could form the basis and other materials for the publication, but, probably, not on the cards.

Maxims - the tuner, Uralsk, March 2012