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Movie “Phantom“. Why Timur Bekmambetov and the American authors launched the nuclear submarine in the Moskva River? Somehow my former took

for a habit to gad for me on the apartment on heels. At first it amused, then I began to drive away quietly it, then shouted at all: “Well that you go for me as the phantom!“. It ceased to go for me, and here many years later new “phantoms“ moreover rossiysko - the American pouring appear. On country screens! And besides, in these “Phantoms“, the main thing - little girls. As they are good all! American and Russian actresses.

But in general, the beginning of a picture is simple: two programmers from the States arrived to the capital of the Russian Federation Moscow for some iridescent projects. However, their idea was rested by the cunning thief and now he presents it in Moscow without participation of authors - Americans Ben (actor Max Minghella) and Sean (the actor Emil of Hirsch).

Americans, as usual, appeared not at that time, not in that place. Moscow was captivated this time not by guest workers, and too - newcomers, but with absolutely foreign countries. No, zagalatikozhya! From other worlds. Nice invisible substances as a hail got to Moscow and just began to incinerate Muscovites and guests of our city.

With Moscow in Hollywood began to get up something serious not so long ago. Recently Tom Cruise in “Mission it is impracticable - 3“ actively bolted from splinters of the blowing-up Kremlin. That it was pleasant to me in the movie “Phantom“, so is that Moscow was immobilized. And it is enough in large quantities in separately taken area. The most important - I for the first time for many years saw Moscow without traffic jams. Such what it was in my childhood … But we will return to the movie. Absolutely empty Red Square with the lonely traffic police car - it is good, it is a dot shot. However, the doggie came running there, but phantoms incinerated it as that spitefully bleated on extraterrestrial essence.

Many shots of the picture “Phantom“ are copied from similar blockbusters of the Hollywood production. Yes, the devastated died-out Moscow is a specular reflection of tens of other large cities of the USA in the most different movies about invasion of aliens. How many we saw Los - Anzhdelesov and Sietlov in ruins? And how many time was “wetted“ by New - York under zero? And not to count.
So I do not consider as the bad course the appeal to the Hollywood curves. To me the destroyed Moscow in “Phantom“ was remembered and I learn those desert places that are shown on the screen. I walked and I walk on them. Moscow, in effect, not such and huge, especially its Center. Also it was pleasant to me how authors of the movie “put“ the huge house on the bank of Moscow - rivers as toy. The memorable shot.

I not really understood why scriptwriters gave invisibility to newcomers. It gave only certain feeling of emptiness to a picture. How “to wet“ them if not to see them? Eka ill luck. It is also not really clear why in the main department store of the country - GUM - the huge passenger liner flew, and thus did not collapse on part. Yes, we remember how German Mathias Rust in 1989 - m to year landed at Red Square, but nevertheless you should not consider it as the second “Domodedovo“. Why the airbus arrived directly on Red Square and flew in GUM? What strange shopping - round such is? Illogically all this with plane though the model of “the flying iron bird“ is made very authentically. I did not look narrowly, but it was pleasant to me. Only the question remains open: how the airbus crashed into GUM and whether it is possible to buy goods much if buyers crashed down from the sky literally of this word?

A fantasy, of course, as the genre assumes something extraordinary. But authors of the movie “Phantom“ went further, than just to surprise the viewer. I know that in the Moskva River already on time caught fishes with two. And even three. Even got the most real tropical piranhas for whom our climate, in general, well “does not roll in any way“. But here that the main river of the capital of the Russian Federation was hung around by the nuclear submarine - it is real abruptly. Someone will tell: “totally ludicrous“, and someone will cunning wink and parries, type that “eyeliners happen such tiny - tiny. Makhonkiye - makhonky“. That they can quietly swim in black water of the Moskva River which thoroughly became shallow.

How to push the real submarine on nuclear fuel into rather dirty small river - me this not to understand. But scriptwriters of the movie “Phantom“ made it, and we accept rules of the game. They obviously did not catch a small fish in our Moskva River. I want to approach fishermen what still still stand with rods on embankments of the Moskva River and to ask them whether they saw the floating submarine here? What? Yes nuclear! And that the captain she had Timur Bekmambetov! I do not know that they will answer. Probably, will throw me in water that there examined all …

In the movie “Phantom“ are uchuvstvut also by the Russian actors. Not all movie only young Americans run from ispepilitel of people from other planet. Our invariable Gosha Kutsenko (Matvei in a shot) looks on a horse enough bravo. Artur Smolyaninov (Yury) echoes it automatic turns. In a picture it is impossible to tell anything because they do not play about the level of their actor`s work, and continuously pulyat from homemade guns and Kalashnikovs in everything that has electric charge in a bottom. That is in newcomers.

I think, inclusion of the Russian actors in movie fabric - the ingenious and logical course. And that if across Moscow only one Americans ran... Moreover and the army would be at war on the same Tverskaya Street exclusively American, it already would be occupation of Moscow not only newcomers, but also the American military. The director of the movie Chris Gorak stopped on streets of the capital being at war the Russian guys, and it - correctly. And the best clever conclusion which was made by Russians was heard from Gosha Kutsenko: “We to them tore bums! (not to Americans). They have them!“ I know

Ya that it is always interesting to find the acceptable bum let in the lean, but nice little girl. Gosha Kutsenko found a required alien bottom and by that brought a corporality element in incorporeal enemies of Russia. The movie began to be watched with existence of bums much more stoutly.

And still I despite many mistakes am inclined to assess the movie more positively. For attempt to destroy Moscow, but Los which did not set the teeth on edge - Andzheles, for display of Moscow without traffic jams (what I did not see years 20), for nice little girls, for a new view to the shoaled Moskva River, for darlings - lovely “mistakes“ and attempts of the American screenwriters to get into chaotic Moscow life the feather ….
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