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How it is correct to eat fruit? We since the childhood hear

much and we read about advantage of fruit - each school student knows that they are vitamin-rich, nutrients and minerals, and that fruit need to be eaten more often, without them the diet is defective.

Some scientists, and also strict vegetarians and syroyeda even believe that fruits - the universal food containing practically all elements necessary for the person.

Unfortunately, absolutely it is not necessary to be surprised that, without knowing the simplest rules of the use of fruit, we not only receive less (and even we do not receive at all) the mass of nutrients, but also sometimes we harm the organism - misuse of fruit breaks digestion, causes heartburn and an abdominal distension.

Who are you, fruit?

What fruit are? These are the fruits of plants intended by the nature for protection, preservation and food of a sunflower seed and also to provide it with water and all nutrients, necessary at the beginning of growth. Therefore fruit really contain a solid set of substances useful and extremely necessary to the person - cellulose, carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins, water and even enzymes. It was necessary only to learn to eat them correctly.

Rule first:

(and also about preservation, smoking, a freezing) all know only fresh fruit About harm of heat treatment of food long ago, but if many types of food it is difficult (tastelessly, unusually or at all it is impossible - as mushrooms, for example) is in their natural look, then for fruit and berries this approach is quite applicable.

Jam, the canned food, compotes baked or karamelizirovanny fruit, candied fruits are no more than the sweet rich unless preservatives and sugar, and useful substances and enzymes - in the minimum degree.

the Exception not those that are on sale in shops in beautiful packs make unless dried fruits, but mainly house preparation (it is better to dry or to buy in the markets), but.

Rule second: fruit - not a dessert!

Many of us got used to eat with

fruit in the final, after the main meal, as a dessert or, for example, as one of meal components (rice, meat, cheese, cottage cheese, porridges with fruit, fruktovo - vegetable salads and juice), however it is quite misleading.

Reacting with other types of food, fruit cause in zheludochno - an intestinal path fermentation processes which are shown in heartburn, swellings, pains and other not palatable phenomena.

Therefore fruit are recommended to be eaten next the heart, separately from other products, in the form of independent meal. Ideally - for breakfast.

Yes, be not surprised!

Fruit - ideal food to start day . Not porridge, not sandwich and definitely not cutlet with macaroni, namely fruit.

They give us a lot of energy, accelerate a metabolism, do not demand many forces and time for digestion, do not cause habitual (but absolutely not healthy!) weight and drowsiness. About advantage of fruit breakfasts it is possible to esteem at doctor Herbert M. Shelton or, for example, at Alena Kara.

After you ate fruit, it is necessary to wait some time, and only after this time to start reception of other food:

after juicy fruit - 20-30 minutes;
after fleshy (bananas, dried fruits, dates, a fig etc.) - 45-60 minutes.

Rule third: juice, smuz and fruit purees

the Food industry is a business which main objective is everything - earnings, profit, but not our health.

As well as any business, this branch it is constructed on cunnings, illusions and what a sin to conceal, deception. For example, producers with success use resistant human association in the purposes: everything that anyway contains fruit and vegetables, - is useful and has to be used in large numbers.

Unfortunately, it is right only partly, and if it is about the natural, raw fruit and vegetables.

The packaged juice, fruit jellies, kissel, fruit pastes, mashed potatoes, yogurts and even baby food actually have a little general with “live“ fruit, and even advertizing in which show us the branches breaking under weight of fruits and ruddy smiling gardeners with baskets, cannot change this fact in any way.

Sugar, preservatives, flavoring additives, fragrances and still a set of unknown chemical components - here a basis of such products. But in any way not vitamins and nutrients.

Therefore it is better to drink juice, fruit purees and smuz (and is!) only in the natural form (juice extractors and blenders - in the help), and right after preparation - at contact of pulp of fruit with air reactions of oxidation are started and the part of nutrients is lost.

Rule fifth: nitrates, pesticides and GMO

the TV, the Internet, newspapers and our impressionable grandmothers endlessly frighten us by maxims that in modern vegetables and fruit there is nothing good and useful - one chemistry, pesticides and ubiquitous GMO. In their words there is a grain of truth - store fruit are kartinno fine and are suspiciously long stored that, of course, cannot but raise doubts.

As reasonable people you have to understand that in modern conditions use of all these substances is almost inevitable, however harm from them is much less, than advantage of the use of fresh fruit.

But we all - can take several simple steps to minimize absorption of all this muck:

to buy fruit from gardeners, from grandmothers, in the markets or in shops of organic products (the most unsightly externally - as a rule, the most natural);
carefully to wash store fruit (it is better - in hot water and with a brush);
is them without peel.

Pleasant and healthy to you fruktoyedeniye!