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How to look after the ringlets without excess expenses?

the Beautiful, thick, well-groomed hair - one of the main jewelry of the woman (of course, besides a smile and gloss in eyes). The lucky women allocated with a magnificent mane always make tremendous impression on people around, regardless of that, their features or figures are how perfect.

Now on the Internet and women`s magazines the unimaginable agiotage around care of braids, ringlets and tails - a set of recipes of masks, new shampoos, sprays and other means is created.

But, unfortunately, authors of these numerous councils often insufficiently thoroughly approach a question, and also forget about that, each person is how unique. All of us different - at us are different genes, different level of pigmentation, different type of skin and absolutely different hair. What suited the neigbour, the girlfriend or Eva Longoria can not suit (or even to do harm) to us. Selection of individual care demands the thorough and thought-over approach therefore before conjuring with the mask which collected the mass of enthusiastic responses at a forum, I suggest to think for a start over simple rules which without any risk and excess expenditure will help you and your hair to become healthier and, of course, beautiful.

I water, I water

We try to moisten regularly skin with creams, we use balms and indelible leaving for hair, forgetting at the same time about the main thing: we can saturate them with moisture from within, drinking enough pure bottled water in day.

Not tea, not coffee, not juice or aerated water. The most usual water. Give to drink the organism much, and soon enough you will see that skin became fresher and elastic, hair - more live, brilliant and volume. Not to mention that the adequate mode of consumption of liquid perfectly affects a metabolism, work of heart and the general condition of an organism. We all - consist of water for 70%.

the Dream, rest and fresh air

of People is not just a set of bodies, it is difficult, complete, many-sided system with a set of interrelations.

Normal work of an organism is reached due to balance of all its systems and bodies. Failure in one place can lead to disbalance of all organism. Therefore to consider skin or hair or excess weight as a separate problem in a root it is wrong - it is necessary to direct all forces to returning all organism to a condition of harmonious balance.

The very first steps for this purpose - healthy nutrition and a day regimen. The lack of a dream, stresses, fatigue, lack of physical activity and fresh air only at first sight have no relation to hair.

You sleep not less than 7-8 hours a day, walk more, do at least easy 20 - minute charging, correctly plan working hours - and all your organism will answer you with gratitude - cheerfulness, high spirits, good immunity and, of course, the shining skin, cheerful gloss in eyes and a thick strong hair. by

War by war, and a lunch according to the schedule

Choosing nutritious masks for hair, we for some reason forget that the best way to provide the mane with necessary substances - to use them with food. Are surely necessary to beautiful healthy ringlets:

proteins (cottage cheese, kefir, bean, cereals, sprouts, nuts);
nonsaturated fats (olive, linen oils, oil of grape seed and avocado);
vitamins of group B (black grain bread, yeast, bean, nuts, cottage cheese);
iron (pomegranate, buckwheat cereal, nuts and sunflower seeds, bran, haricot, bitter chocolate with the high content of natural cocoa);
calcium (sesame, salad, greens, cottage cheese, cheese, poppy, spinach, tofu);
zinc (sesame and pumpkin sunflower seeds, peanut, bean, bitter chocolate);
and, of course, it is a lot of fresh vegetables and fruit.

But to them it is perfect to anything digestible carbohydrates (sweets and pastries), chips, sweet aerated water, greasy and heavy food, canned food, products with high content of food additives and other mucks.

Should remembering Love and tenderness that a hair in essence - lifeless structure. It has no blood supply and an innervation, he feels nothing, consists of the horny cages and scales. It is very simple to damage this fragile education, and it is possible to restore often only a cardinal hairstyle and a long otrashchivaniye.

However unpleasant consequences it is possible to warn easily, and here everything is quite trivial: avoid hot laying and decolouration, do not comb roughly and do not pound a towel wet hair, be accurate with hard hairdresses and comb the mane with love, trying not to damage a uniform hair.

If not to do without coloring and laying in any way, it is better to give preference natural (henna, a basma, cinnamon, honey, ginger, a camomile, a lemon) or to industrial bezammiachny dyes, and also the sparing types of laying (hair curlers - worms, hair curlers, hair curlers - flypapers, braids). Also it is worth paying attention to special sprays for combing and a brush from a natural bristle - they make thrifty use of hair.

in heat, in cold

Nobody likes to wear caps. Almost each girl considers what looks in them ridiculously, and all of us remember how all of us broke a cap from the head as soon as appeared out of a mother`s field of vision.

However, mother everything is was right - from a cap of advantage more advantage, than harm is certain. I will not grumble about cold and more terrible animals, like meningitis. But I will tell that from cold hair break and drop out (the blood vessels feeding a bulb spazmirutsya, depriving a root of a hair of food, moisture and oxygen), and that, leaving at home a cap, residents of the cities subject the curls and braids to influence of dust, dirt, exhaust gases, a rain and snow of unknown chemical contents. To all other, beretka, hats, scarfs and hats - it is so charming and womanly!

Beautiful tips

the Last what I would like to mention here, is a care of tips of our hair. Even natural hair tend to become thinner, split and dry on the ends, not to mention the sufferers painted, decoloured, damaged by a chemical wave. Therefore any means - leaving for tips of hair - obligatory point of the program. At least after washing, and it is better - every day, once you apply on the ends or even the lower third of length of hair liquid crystals, oils (coconut, marrokansky oil, macadamia oil) or special indelible leaving, and - gloss and accurate appearance of hair are guaranteed.

Healthy to you and beautiful hair!