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Whether it is possible to be in time all and at the same time not to go crazy?

of People study or works and at the same time wants to pay attention to a family and friends, to allocate time for rest etc. How all this to be in time? Let`s open a small secret - all it is impossible to be in time. Still Kozma Prutkov told: “ Spit in a face to the one who will tell that it is possible to embrace immensity! “ And the one who will try to make “everything“ will become extremely unfortunate person, a hindrance for himself and people around.

And what to do? Well make at least the list of what you would like to make soon, and then delete from it all insignificant, unimportant that it is not obligatory to do or it is possible to transfer for later when free time appears. You remember Oblomov`s dream: it is good to make the bridge of my window to the lake; then it will be possible to bathe to go. And you write down similar dream, and then delete, and at once it will become easier!

Planning of the day is the best of all to conduct . With it you will be helped by the special daily log. Bring him, and you are quickly convinced that the daily log - the best assistant in fight in time! Well to each point to attribute a date of performance: nobody it seems adjusts, and the incentive appears to finish business!

It is necessary to make at first the list of affairs in a chernovichka, to delete from it without what it is possible and it is necessary to manage, and then already to introduce the plan in the daily log. And that botched work will be. And second main thing: learn to begin day in time. I understand, in the morning so there is a wish to lie down still slightly - slightly, to luxuriate, mark etc. But you remember - the excess 5 - 10 minutes spent to beds will not help to sleep, however such potyagushka will significantly reduce time for morning affairs. It is necessary to gather in a hurry, and haste works great mischief as forgotten the mobile phone, keys or the daily log strongly complicate work during the day. And in general, it is very useful to gather for work in advance, since evening, having prepared all necessary, including clothes and footwear.

I for a long time on pension, but also now, being going to the market, I make the list necessary therefore shopping (excuse for expression) takes place quicker and more productively. Tried without list - you will surely buy not everything or not that.

If on service you are waited by routine, monotonous work, then not superfluous will be to encourage itself music via earphones. Only pick up such radio station where lyrics - not the main thing, but quiet, rhythmical music very much helps. And it is still very important to guide and observe an order on a workplace that it was not necessary to look for long disks, documents, receipts etc. In a family try to organize household chores so that all participated in them and everything it was interesting. So children are accustomed to help parents and each other, and you learn for yourself a lot of interesting about kindergarten, school etc.

In modern life there are phenomena which in huge degree take away from us time. This television and Internet. If you really want to use rationally the time, then from daily viewing of series, current - show etc. it is necessary either to refuse at all, or to look through only especially interesting. And to transfer the main viewing of television for the weekend, but no more one or one and a half hours to day.

And here in working hours it is necessary to refuse visit of the Internet at all, otherwise you will cease to cope with the work and will be lost in the Network. And can and in general dismiss if you break a ban.

To people active, active so sometimes there is a wish that in days was more, than 24 hours. But imperceptibly and gradually the fatigue collects, your forces are not boundless. Therefore rest - not less important part of day. If you love culture, at least once in a month visit cinema or theater. It is the remarkable rest giving a big charge of energy on the future. You descend to the pool, organize departure with a family on the nature - it is much more useful, than to lie all day on a sofa.

Now for people active rates of life all accelerate. Not for nothing speak: who was not in time - that was late. Therefore people successful claim: “There is not enough time for the one who is not able to use it“. Proceeding from everything told, several secrets of saving of time:

1. Planning.

2. An exception of everything that takes away your time - television, the Internet, a disorder on a table and in kitchen etc.

3. All problems need to be solved in time, it is desirable - before they began to prevent to work and live.

4. From planned to postpone nothing for later, and at first to do things unpleasant, and then - pleasant.

5. Charge minor affairs to assistants, and undertake main.

6. Do not spend excess time for observance of an ideal order - in everything the measure is important.

7. Encourage yourself with rest for successful work.

8. Be not a bore - sometimes, for advantage of business, it is possible and to deviate from the plan.