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Whether it is easy to be the journalist?

Work of the journalist. The story - a grant.
Every day I give myself installation: “I will make everything, and it is even more to become the good journalist“.
Despite all difficulties, fear and uncertainty in myself and in own forces, I slowly, but persistently move ahead to the planned purpose.
When published my article on the front page of our local newspaper, my pleasure was not a limit! It became incentive for further work. Now publish in the same newspaper two of my articles at once.
Journalism - very interesting profession. Not for nothing it is compared to “drug“. If you were included on television or in the newspaper, then it will be hard to be chosen to the true journalist from there. If the person made the decision to be a journalist, then on percent 85 it will remain to them. If for you to be equated by the journalist to desire to stand out on the screen or just to enjoy material under which there is your signature then here it is worth remembering that all this only temporary effect. The journalism - actually is “army“, it allows the person to check itself. And then already and to believe in itself. If you for yourself decided to be a journalist, then I advise everything to perceive as a peculiar training, the test for stability, school of a survival.
the journalist`s Profession - publicly. She demands every day continuous acquaintance and communication with other people. If you do not manage to gain the interlocutor, it will be difficult to achieve from him full and honest answers. Therefore it is important to be sociable.
Opinion that the journalist it is prestigious not to be absolutely true. At least, all my friends treat my profession almost with the same love, as well as attendants of an order on roads. “It what imagination needs to be possessed that constantly to invent something“, - they say to me with admiration, without suspecting that own hands seat me in a pool. The main task of the journalist - it is reliable to transfer information, but not to invent it or to embellish. Compositions on “As I Spent Summer“ will never pass in the press in that edition which editor gave you a task to write the article “How Much Is to Spend Holidays“.
to be a journalist for me a great honor, but in too time, huge work. To become the journalist it is necessary to be intellectually developed, talented and patient person. As the English literary critic Matthew Arnold “Journalism told is literature on the run“. It`s true. Work of the journalist demands big expense of energy, a rhythm and physical activity. The journalist has to be the station wagon which is able all. Is able to conduct competently negotiations, is able to play and, sometimes, to accompany the interlocutor. He is simply obliged to be the hyperactive and hyper sociable person. At least the journalist has to have a smart lexicon.
Now so far to me nothing to be proud, I have no corresponding education, experience in the press at me small, but I am sure that later some time, having gained experience, I will become the famous journalist and all will have my name on lips!!!
I Hope that my history will serve as a quite good grant for the beginning journalists.