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Rage how to avoid


and - the beginning new nothing an inconspicuous aphorism, conclusion
in - important
d - banal, for children
z - informative
and - interesting
to - winged
of l - best
of N - not important
p - instructive
with - difficult for understanding
yu - humour

Rage how to avoid furiousness the furious person furious to extinguish value definition of the reason to affect to answer harm is born to constrain belongs to stop to exclude to react to allow expresses causes brings to re-educate will relieve to prevent

z Rage - feeling of strong anger.
pl Flying into a rage - we put ourselves one more wound. p Rage prefer to
benevolent trial.
zp Rage is shown by them are who considers himself innocent.
p the Person in rage - is unpleasant. p Trying to affect with
with rage of others - the person will wound himself more.
and the believer has views of the God`s world and the people created on its similarity are fine, it has no rage.
z At silly rage outside, at cunning - inside, at philanthropic - it is not born at all.
zpvl Is very difficult to fall in love with people without understanding that nobody in is guilty. People make nasty acts from - for influences of natural instincts, heredities, the wrong education, diseases, frustration of mentality, living conditions, a situation … But it of course does not mean that it is not necessary to work on improvement of the human qualities and to influence in this direction others, and to isolate people, dangerous to society.
zpvl In development of philanthrophy can be very important forgiveness of all offenses of people - beforehand.
z Control of rage is reflected on health more harmful - than its slopping.
p do not allow rage to arise.
z to Understanding to one in power not to allow the rage birth.
pz That rage did not appear it is necessary to work on the spirituality and to study psychology is a shortest road to understanding.
z the Person at the moment of rage is unpleasant, his eyes change, intonation, he loudly says, the movements of its cutting.
pzv Rage concerning people can be from low spirituality of the person.
pzv Good help for eradication of emergence of rage is education in itself love to people, kindness, tolerance, understanding, ability to forgive. In the absence of these qualities there is a leaving from stressful situations by self-isolation.
p Philanthropic people fall into rage less often and it is directed, not to people.
d is the Reason of rage concerning people malignancy.
z Rage concerning people is warmed up by condemnation.
d seems to the person Falling into rage that people are bad.
z Rage concerning people can be shown only then - when the person is angry with them.
pv Cannot eradicate rage concerning people you do not recognize yourself as the angry person yet.
p to Philanthrophy to one in power to eradicate rage concerning people.
to Rage - is dissolved in time
zp the Main thing to keep itself from rage during the first moments.
z Rage - obscures mind, confuses thoughts and words,
weakens control over acts.
zp do not respect the People allowing rage, they do not hold authority, hold lower position in society ….
of C Rage - continues to look for fault.
and Rage - is far from reason, the truth and justice.
pd Rage of the person depreciates.
z Rage - from weakness and instability of mentality.
p turns Rage of the handsome into the freak.
d Rage takes away ability to make the correct decisions from the person.
d pushes Rage on rash acts.
in If fell into rage the clever and reserved person - it is serious
and Is people who fall into rage even from singing of a nightingale and the first snow.
z At rage of the word are empty.
and Rage the indignation which - is not extinguished, inflamed.
d Rage often comes to an end with shame.
z will easier cope With rage - so far it did not ripen.
and at the moment of rage reason grows dim, and the person stops being it.
and Rage of the person blows up.
z Rage - is disturbing.
and Rage - irritates.
and Rage - feeling. zp the Wise and reserved person rage does not express
z Rage - causes feeling of awkwardness and fear.
zp Rage - often leads to repentance.
about Rage - does not happen fair.
and Rage can develop into scandal and
a fight.
and Rage - is on friendly terms with a damnation.
p Rage - ruins health and shortens life.
z the Enemy of rage - sluggishness.
zp leads Rage to violence.
z Rage - is sincere.
z Rage - derivative rage.
z Rage - emotional splash.
zd is inclined To rage of people by nature.
and Rage - saddens life.
p Rage - leads to grief.
p Through rage cannot convey information.
and God rage condemns.
p the Punishment combined with rage - is far from positive result.
and Rage - from powerlessness.
zd the Imminent rage checks the person for wisdom and will.
and Who sees the reason of bad acts of people - that feeds for them pity, but not offense and rage.
d are not capable to bring up, learn Rage and shout, to convince … burns
and Rage of the person.
d Rage - from inability to operate the emotions.
and the Wise man operates with mind, the angry fool - tries to influence people rage.
p Rage - the child of fieriness.
d At each person the limit of patience after which it falls into rage.
pz Rage does notable harm to health - in an instant.
pz Rage often only protection of nonsense against enslavement.
and should be paid For rage.
dz Rage - emotion. pz Both uncomplaining humility, and inept opposition - rage only strengthen
pz Rage is often warmed up by self-confidence and impunity.
d Rage breaks communication of reason with language and hands.
p the Best answer to rage - inaction.
d Rage - is blind.
and Rage opens the person.
dv Rage - is subject to suppression.
dz Rage destroys the relations with people.
p not to fall in the opinion of people is expedient to extinguish rage having retired.
and Rage - is tactless.
zd Rage is treated by steadiness.
z Rage lives in the negative environment - where passions storm, change, lie, mistrust, jealousy, uncertainty, rebelliousness, nonsense reign.
pvzd to Reduction of rage is promoted by goodwill.
z Rage from nonsense.
vp Understanding does not know what it is rage.
p Rage - mind keeps.
dp In rage the main thing to keep mind.
d at the moment of rage can almost not make the correct decision. p That the woman to make
ugly and old - it is enough to be entered into rage.
yu not to show rage against people if is an opportunity it is necessary to depart from them as it is possible further and it is desirable to load itself with a physical activity.

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