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Browning of Sq.m. Whether will serve this machine gun till the century?

Browning the Sq.m called on the American soldiers` argot “double M“, a machine gun of the largest shooting caliber. 50 (half-inch, and inch, as it is known 25,4 mm), the century will hardly celebrate services in the American army. Though, maybe, I also am mistaken …

Browning of M 1917 - so was called this machine gun before the first modernization, is tested even during World War I. That machine gun was with water cooling and weighed … But all the same, its well-known company bought and began to make Colt which pushed the weapon in the American army. To reduce weapon weight, in 1921 Mr. John Browning tested a new machine gun of a similar design, but already with air cooling. And since then its design practically did not change. Only materials which did this weapon easier, more reliable, more precisely and dalnoboyny changed.

On arms of army of the USA a machine gun with air cooling under a caliber cartridge. 50 (12. 7õ99 mm) arrived v1921 to year under the designation “model 1921“. In 1923, after successful tests of infantry option, the machine gun was tested in voyenno - navy as the antiaircraft weapon. Further - it is more. The machine gun began to be used absolutely everywhere, even on prospecting cars - jeeps. He received the well-known name “Sq.m“ after the modernization which is carried out in 1932 and since then consists on arms more than in 30 (on other sources - more than in 50) the countries of the world.

“M2 Browning machine gun - an easel machine gun of system Browning. It was developed in a closing stage of World War I. Consists on arms of a number of the countries still. The design has many official designations, in particular for modern infantry modification of Browning Machine Gun, Cal. 50, M2, HB, Flexible. This machine gun is effective against infantry, unarmoured and lightly armored transport, boats and planes at low heights.

Technical characteristics

Calibre -. 50BMG (12,7x99 mm)
Length - 1650 mm
trunk Length - 1140 mm
Weight - 38 kg a body of a machine gun, 58 kg on the infantry
M3 machine Rate of firing - 450 - 600 shots / min.
Food - a tape 50 or 100 of cartridges, in armored and aviation execution of 550 cartridges“
the Source: Wikipedia.

Technically the machine gun of M2 Browning represents the automatic weapon constructed according to the scheme with the short course of a trunk. The scheme is similar to a world renowned machine gun of “Maxims“ adjusted for larger caliber. To reduce the strongest return, the Sq.m is equipped with the buffer of kickback of a trunk. Fire mode - only automatic though elite special troops learn to use a machine gun as the sniper weapon striking the enemy with one shot, but it is necessary to study it long and tiresomely. Food - only tape. The machine gun is established or on the portable machine - the M3 tripod (without a possibility of firing at air targets), or on the M63 installation providing circular and vertical to 60 degrees, firing. The machine gun is equipped with the “subbarrelled“ handle that it was convenient to the creeping soldier to pull along it one hand. Range of firing to 2000 meters.

The machine gun was applied in all types of military forces: infantry, armored troops, aircraft, as means of antiaircraft defense. For example, the flying fortress B - 17 was protected by 13 machine guns Browning. As antiaircraft guns put these machine guns even on civil vessels. From the moment of release of the first M of 1917 more than two million these large-caliber machine guns were sold to allies of the USA. Very limited to Sq.m it was delivered to the USSR on tapes - Lisa as regular arms prospecting “Villisov“.

Except the USA, “the double M“ was made in Belgium and Sweden.

This machine gun both in military served, and in a peace time it is serviceable, but here in 1972 the American military department made the decision to lay off a “outdated“ machine gun. But here military operations on Falklands and the first wars in the Persian Gulf began. A good opportunity to test machine guns which had to succeed the old man of Sq.m. And what? By results of tests of new machine guns, the American and English military asked the Pentagon not to be manufactured and return to them though the old, but reliable and checked Browning`s machine gun.

Release of Sq.m was resumed 70 at the end - x years 20 - go centuries and continues still. However, the Pentagon already declared that 2012 will be the last in production of the well-known machine gun which serves (if to consider since 1921) in army of the USA more than 90 years. However replacements to it, except three different models of an easy machine gun. There is no 50th caliber, ordered to General Dynamics firm in 2011, for the present. Till 2012 any of these machine guns just could not pass all certified tests, and, perhaps, release of “double M“ will continue also after his officially declared “death“.