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And whether the society needs happy families?

the Happy woman is also unprofitable to society as the nation of nondrinkers which besides refuses to smoke.

1) In Russia, according to Goskomstat, the female salary in October, 2007, that is just before crisis, averaged 63% of man`s.
2) According to statistics of the UN, the minimum ratio of the income on a floor (1:3) is observed in developing countries: Egypt, Pakistan, Mexico, Chile. Less than a half receive women in the countries with developed economy from the level of the income of men, such as Japan, Belgium, Italy, Spain. In the former Soviet Union the ratio is better: Estonia, Slovakia, Moldova, Lithuania, Poland, Slovenia - 62 - 67% that is comparable to a situation in Russia. From a general series Finland, Denmark, Sweden are allocated - here the income of women reaches more than 70% of the income of men. For example, in Sweden the salary of women averages 80% of a salary of men.

Someone will tell: it means that women need to try to obtain equal payment. It is the standard of thinking of society. The woman is equal to the man, give equal payment, emancipation in life. As K. Mielihang spoke, “The woman is equal in the USSR to the man, especially when laying cross ties“. But, in my opinion, it about znachat
the woman at work very much is favorable to society. Other things being equal to pay less in one and a half - two times! If you chose milk - and other things being equal the price of one package would be one and a half times lower than another - what you would choose?

The working woman is favorable to society. And when it goes to work? When to it it is worse than the house. When the only place where she can receive though some happiness. There she gains recognition, material stability, receives the safe relations. And it is not terrible to try to obtain improvement of working situation. Because, by and large, work to the woman on most - that business means rather a little. In comparison with a family.

I will give an example.
Situation And. The chief shouted at you. Stamped legs. Shouted that will dismiss … Offensively, pancake, even I will get down it happened to wipe. But you came home, and there light-and warmly, and the daughter drags the five, the son is praised by the first place on skis, and the husband helps to take off a coat and speaks whether not to descend to us in a cafe, today 15 years as we got acquainted and spit you work, it you should be upset, you want well throw it absolutely … And what remained from your chagrin?
Situation B. You were praised by the chief, on a planning meeting handed the diploma, signed the excellent contract in the afternoon, by the evening the message on an award came, and the secretary respectfully squatted, closing behind you a door. But you came home, and at doors the agenda in a nursery of militia because the son is caught with drugs sticks out, 13 - the summer daughter muttered that you gave it money for abortion, and on a table a note from the husband: we get divorced, here to you phone of my lawyer. And what remained for your pleasure?
The worse at the woman of the house, the more furiously it works. The more important for it illusive pleasure from achievement of new office heights. It is more favorable by that to the employer. From the happy woman at work it is not necessary to wait for great fulfillments - its great fulfillments of the house, her happiness and a source of inspiration there.

We will look at what happened to our life in 100 years. Only hundred years ago stains there were 2%.
Fifty years ago they were 10%.
Thirty years ago - 25%.
is Fifteen years old - 50%.
Now - 80%.
Demand gives rise to the offer. The society needs unhappy women, and the society gets them.