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“It“ Stephen King. The circus left who remained?

In authoritative opinion of Stephen of “The king of horrors“ of King, all rubbish and evil spirits live in the American midland. Vampires, werewolves and other murderers regularly lodge where - nibud on the suburb that it is silent - peacefully to terrorize local population. For these purposes the writer even invented several towns where to him nobody prevents to zhuchit compatriots both in a tail, and in a mane.

However all above-stated images constrained the master within the chosen type of villainy. Therefore for the epic novel “Ono“ King took empty, but extremely gluttonous Something as a basis, not limited to the choice of frightening forms. It is the alien monster who remained in the fictional small town of Derry, the State of Maine after departure of circus of the Chapiteau. Therefore to the majority It is in the form of the cheerful clown Pennivayz. “Fun hour“ happens approximately time in thirty years. The monster recovers from hibernation and begins to guzzle. Mainly children, but also do not disdain adults.

In Derry already got gradually used to sudden spikes in violence and cruelty. And, one may say, approved, indifferently writing off local cataclysms for one-time, casual incidents. Until in the summer of 1958 the group of children did not throw down to Ono an open challenge.

… Seven school students became friends not casually. All of them are the losers rejected by a mainstream. Fat man Ben Henskom, Richie Toziyer, brisk on language, weakling and asthmatic Eddie Kaspbrak, Black Mike Hanlon, pedantic Jew Stan Uris, daughter of the school cleaner Beverley Marsh and stutterer Bill Denbro. All of them, anyway, suffer from cavils of peers, but it is a smaller problem for concern. Each of them faces with It. The mad clown with decayed sharp teeth is only one, most widespread vision. It is skillfully fed with children`s fears, being in that form that it is most of all hated or awful for the specific child.

When It the younger brother of Bill, Georgie fell a victim, the boy tearfully asked the friends to help it to zadolbit the monster. Their fight with many-sided Something ended in the fetid sewerage of Derry, and the blind belief, friendship and unity became pledge of a victory. Offended, wounded and half-starved It, having been frightened of such pressure and impudence and not having waited for the put term, disappeared in the den. School students solemnly swore that if the miracle - yudo dares to seem on the Great wild world again, they will find each other and again navalyat to it lyuly.

There passed 30 years. All participants of “Club of losers“, except for black Hanlon, abandoned Derry and became successful people. Nightmares and horrors of the childhood were gradually forgotten. But the nasty monster appeared in their native small town again. Children, and Mike began to vanish, following an old oath, rang round the friends. It cheered up, understanding that the children`s enthusiasm in the heads of the matured “losers“ disappeared, having replaced with scepticism and rational thinking. Now the clown does not underestimate the opponent any more and intends to destroy Bill and his friends before they find former force …

the Novel “Ono“ for the first time published in the USA in 1986 by right is considered one of the most powerful works of Stephen King. Scale and epicism of the narration, and also very serious study of psychotypes of characters, distinguishes this book not only in the bibliography of the author, but also in modern western literature in general.

“It“ was included into lists of various authoritative editions and critics, “very best“ by estimates, more than once. And it is logical to assume that from the screen version of the novel King`s admirers waited if not for a miracle then worthy execution. Of which, as we know, only rare copies of works of the writer can brag. Of Kubrick`s “Shine“ or “Escape from the Shawshank“ of Darabont ten two dull, untalented screen versions are the share. And, alas, “It“ the similar fate comprehended.

Certainly that desires did not coincide with opportunities at all. And everything rested against money. Roman King represented a heap of the main and minor characters, abounded with flashbacks, meditative inserts and psychological insinuations. To transfer all this heap of material without elimination of a half of the vital subject lines it was not represented possible. Even the two-hour film cloth brought studio bosses to an insanity state, and “It“, in the most squeezed look, swung the arm at least on twice bigger timing. None of producers hurried to shoulder similar financial risk (eventually, same not “Gone with the Wind“). And as a result of long negotiations the project removed from a cinema bosom to tenacious hands of television.

TV men were able to afford to roll a tape to any, most indigestible sizes. On the other hand, the television budget unambiguously deprived the screen version of serious special effects and actors with the seven-digit fees that could not but affect quality of the final product. But such is there was a destiny “It“. To please bigger compliance to the literary original, his creators offered scope and charisma of stars. The televersion was removed in only 2 months and in the same 1990 released, showing the movie two parts in the morning.

We will tell honestly, authors succeeded in something and which - where worked worse than ever. Let`s begin with pluses.

In - the first, Tim Carry. Behind a clownish make-up of the actor it is almost impossible to distinguish unless a company grin. Said that Carry so got used to Pennivayz`s image that colleagues on shootings tried to avoid it. It is quite possible that after viewing “It“ at some unstably developed persons can begin a so-called koulrofobiya, fear of clowns.

In - the second, incredibly successfully picked up children`s structure. The rising star of teenage cinema got a key role of Bill Denbro to Johnathan Brendis from the fenteziyny fairy tale “Infinite History 2“. Sadly, but Brendis - the most talented of all seven - committed suicide at the age of 27 years. And so coincided that two months earlier, in September, 2003, one more participant “It“, the actor John Ritter who performed adult Bill Henskom`s part died. Many audience remembers Ritter on a dilogy “The difficult child“ where he embodied an image unfortunate daddies.

Only who continues to act in still with success at film is Seth Green (young Richie Toziyer). All other performers did not win fame on an akterstvo field, and for Ben Heller (Stan Uris) this statement in general became the first and the last.

And now about a tar spoon. To please to requirements of the television network sponsoring the project, the novel was rewritten (with the permission of King, certainly) in the teleplay. From the scenario everything how many - nibud the provocative scenes concerning sex and drugs to hell threw out. Besides the second part of the movie obviously concedes on intensity of emotions and staginess of the first because adult actors were much more reserved in emotions, than children.

Staginess of the project leaves much to be desired too, and the final scene of fight with It in the form of a spider - and at all causes hysterical laughter in present generation. It is quite possible that statement should have been entrusted more skilled director. Tommie Li Wallace, the former assistant John Carpenter, at the time of the beginning of shootings had very modest track record - the third part of “Halloween“ and extremely unsuccessful sequel “Nights of Fear“.

Anyway, the impossibility to break through on the wide screen became the main failure “It“. For television the project was very ambitious and even if something and did not turn out, generally from - for banal shortages of money. Let`s hope, in the future the book nevertheless will be postponed for the screen in the appropriate look.