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How to put on to the bachelor?. Modern tendencies “Spring - Summer of 2012“

the Rough oiled overalls, fancifully broken off sweatshirts, baud “for men“ (splodgy and dirty, with spots from the spilled beer and burned by cigarettes), tops with prints “and - la the multiplication table“, the jackets and sports trousers crumpled very much is not part of clothes of persons of no fixed abode... It even not from wardrobe some film studio.

It is part of a collection of one very Fashionable House. In a season “Spring - Summer of 2012 for lonely men“ young designers try to solve in own way a loneliness problem, starting absolutely new lines in clothes and in accessories. These designers specialize only in production of linen and clothes in a democratic segment.

On their plan the clothes, first of all, have to bear information on its owner: looking at the man, it is possible not only to define, he is married or not, but also an occupation of it “fashionably“ of the dressed man. It is possible to define besides, the man is full or is hungry.

The DeepSport line, for example, is intended for the occupations though which are bearing a faint resemblance to sport and active recreation, but nevertheless demanding considerable physical efforts from the men who are not burdened with marriage. Such clothes, for certain, will be suitable for those who with enthusiasm collect - hand over scrap metal.

Calculation of designers was is as follows: women, having brought the man with the exhausted physiognomy (it is unimportant from what) and in such “sports“ suit, will involuntarily like compassion to it - will surely feed him with quenelles soup … Cutlets everyones. Not cold calculation will push the woman to acquaintance to this man, and true (almost “deep“) female love. And pity. Perhaps, on for the rest of the life.

Where it is better to meet men?. Of course, in garages! Exactly there is the widest choice of men. Skilled and lonely … They were already tired to wait for the princesses - went to the people, decided first to attract attention.

Designers of very Fashionable House here - with a ready collection of the WorkPart line meet the unmarried and badly dressed men. The stylish semi-overalls, with carelessly clasped straps and with characteristic spots after repair of the muffler (in lack of the elevator in garage), as well as possible will tell about its owner.

Women have no need to ask and extort a sort of its occupations from the man. A lot of things are clear and clear. It is even more clear to the man: the beautiful stranger in similar clothes approached it - means, it is its half. There is no affectedness and falseness … Everything is sincere.

The interesting, already worn out, leather footwear, bags the full of holes, strange headdresses felted terry scarfs and gloves on three fingers will be presented in very Fashionable House!.

Also the beach NakManed line consisting of men`s bathing suits - bikini, pareo from two pieces of tarpaulin, various exotic accessories and capacious textile bags in a strip will be presented.

All this stuff shocks?. Then put on traditionally classically (jeans and a sweater) and be a riddle for women. Dress a suit (in the two - the three) and intrigue all women with hints or half-words. Let women solve man`s riddles!