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Information hunger. What do we watch that we read? “Four hostile newspapers it is necessary to be afraid of

more, than thousands of bayonets“, - so Napoleon once told . And what information we obtain daily from releases of telenews, from newspapers, on radio? Often there is a feeling that false to tell more softly - kept back.

Why visit such thoughts? Quite recently - at the end of 80 - x, the beginning 90 - x, mass media declared themselves as about the fourth estate. On television and radio left interesting it is information - analytical transfers, actual news blocks, published topical articles in newspapers. And almost suddenly it ended: the majority of TV channels, radio stations and printing editions stopped being self-governed. Requirements were replaced by obsequiousness.

It must be assumed that the foundation of nationalization of mass media was laid in anticipation of elections of 1996 or slightly earlier. Not least because of active support of television and the press Yeltsin`s rating from 5 - 6% for several months grew to 37%. Then mass media in practice showed that really are force capable cardinally to change moods in society. Such car it was required to keep a tight rein, as it was made.

Media - oligarchs were brought especially closer to the Kremlin and began to operate property under guardianship and on pleasure of the authorities. In case of disobedience owners hastily left the Homeland, leaving to the state the powerful (main) propaganda tool. New media - holdings were created already in deep soldering with the power, the main TV channels of the country were headed by elite managers from the state, inconvenient journalists incidentally perished and disappeared.

In 2000 - x the domestication proceeded. Now we: the audience, listeners, readers - we have, mostly, entertaining mass media. TV channels were frankly grown stupid and “turned black“. The remained not numerous clever transfers show closer by 24 o`clock, and even long after midnight. Besides often their format is predictable: the necessary people are invited, at any inconvenient question leaders shirk aside, leave on advertizing, just frankly deride or ignore the person. Newspapers, even dear editions, turn yellow as foliage till fall. You will seldom meet interesting and truthful article - interview with stars and half-naked sensations is more often. However, appeared it is information very much - the analytical magazines mainly having the western roots. However they are expensive, obscure (the uzkoekonomichesky analytics prevails), their circulation is small: covers 10 - 15% of the population, readers - so-called white collars.

At mass media, independent of the state, of which it is not enough - less than 10% air and editorials are filled with generally angry statements to the existing system - a continuous stream the criticism flows. It turns out that is not present in the country neither good, nor bad - everything depends on what newspaper you will read and what channel you will choose. Perhaps, you will once again be convinced how everything remarkably develops, and can - as collapses. Any hints on half tone, on truthfully stated information! Other air is filled allegedly according to inquiries of the population which find out analytical centers, asking the necessary questions. If proceeds so further, then soon it will not be required to interrogate the population any more: it is more than show and blood when it is necessary - convenient news.

So far the people are not so silly as some would like … Society understands: why for four years every day in news show the president, and then surely the prime minister; why before elections interchange the position of them; why suddenly begin to blow about the mayor - the villain and his wife - the thief about whom the day before yesterday leaders told only pleasant; why car accidents in which people died and were lit the oligarch and the large official, in several days are forgotten by journalists etc. It turns out that the country watches not news - cinema!

Such narrow-mindedness in submission of information exists around the world. Let`s remember at least as equally, unanimously, the western mass media reported about war of Russia with Georgia in 2008; as on one known TV channel shut a mouth to the girl who decided to tell the truth on the air. And still our “news“, especially on the main channels, differ in rare predictability.

Fortunately, in the country still there were couple of tens newspapers and magazines, one - two TV channels and several radio stations giving news and analytics in an impartial look, at least, there are a wish to trust in it. It is possible to find information which is that truthful spoon of tar, so necessary for society for sober assessment of the situation in the country and the world in the Internet. However it is known how power structures immoderately of the clever blogger are able to make silent and, on the contrary, to throw necessary pseudo-information.