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Whether the woman can combine career and a family?

you are familiar with statistics from hospices? Dying do not answer the question “What You Feel Sorry Most of All About?“: I regret that worked insufficiently. They speak: I regret that communicated with relatives a little. That paid them not enough attention that did not manage to give them so much love how many could.

Work and the house are as the North and the South. It is possible to go there - and you will come, it is possible to go here - and you will come. But to go both there, and here at the same time - it is impossible.

What purpose faces you - that you and will reach. But it is always only one purpose. Myunkhgauzen did not manage to catch two hares even.

The woman in days has exactly 24 hours. Also those which were carried away by work cannot get to a family. To believe that it is possible to be in time all is an illusion, it is just a source of depressions.

When the woman will leave this world whether she will grieve that she did not change “Suzuki“ for “BMW“? What became only the head of department, and could become the head of department? Or will regret that passed a graduation party in a garden at the daughter? Also did not manage to tell the son about where the streamlet will carry away its ships...

Achievements is a man`s road to lives. Life of the woman are the relations. I will tell you a terrible thing: we are different! Men and women - different! And in achievements for the woman there is no happiness if the relations are lost.

I know what I speak about. In total a few years ago I was the editor-in-chief of media holding, vice-the president of huge corporation, the member of presidium of City Council, the chairman of Civic chamber of the city. But when I understood that on vnuchkin final in a garden I do not get from - for meetings, suddenly reached me: it occurs again! My daughter studied, fell in love, rejoiced and grieved - and I was at work. And it happens to me again?

I was lucky - I managed to jump out of a squirrel wheel before it me destroyed. On the 50 - summer anniversary I declared: I leave business and policy. I come back to a family.

The family at me is. The husband who works and agrees to provide a family alone. And I perfectly know that each woman has such husband not. I the third time am married. And two first marriage at me broke up just because I was not able to be a woman, and was a commander and the leader of pack. Only after the second divorce I reflected: if two husbands - goats, so, maybe, and I - not white a swan?

Also began to study laws of family life with the same persistence with which studied laws of business before. And to change itself, the character - to become the real Woman. To change so - it is difficult. But it is possible.

Whether the woman needs to work? And why is also not present - if this work borrows hour on 4 several times a week. And that is not on the conveyor, and somewhere in the female sphere: drawing, music, other creativity, care of someone … That was where to make up and where with little girls to tea to drink.

And to spend the life for career - to give to career time and energy which belong to a family - whether it is possible to hope that this correct decision?

I chose a family. And I am happy in the choice. And hour - another in day which I spend for writing articles do not destroy my life any more.