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Ideas of house business.

Each woman, having appeared without work (on a reason for leaving, a maternity leave or the ave.) can begin own house business which will help it not only to efficiently spend a free time, but also to earn some money.
I Bring to your attention one of the simplest and cheap types of house business - Knitting from packages for garbage . At each hostess every day the number of packages grows. You come from shop with purchases, in each hand on 5 packages... and where then to put them - that? To throw out together with garbage? No, answer incorrect. For a long time all know that it is IMPOSSIBLE to throw out cellophane packages since they do not decay and by that spoil our environment. In the West these packages already cleaned from production having changed to paper. so with them to do? To KNIT! Sounds strange, but looks beautifully.
For a start, several words about packages. Unfortunately, at us not such a wide choice of packages on color scale. In total - the basis is the density and volume (manufacturers hardly know that from them it is possible to knit …). Thin packages as well as possible are suitable for knitting: the less qualitative goods, the to us - happiness! Thin, soft, cheap packages it is easier to knit. And the product looks accurater, and it is to the touch more pleasant.
Now directly about cooking of “yarn“. Packages are accurately put on diagonal. Then nozhnichka we cut off pieces of the necessary width.
we Try that width of pieces was identical, and that “thread“ will be then different thickness. Pieces with the stuck together bottom of packages can be thrown out safely, they are not necessary. Now we straighten pieces. As packages without seams, at us turn out ringlets. we Take
two ringlets, we insert one into another, we connect. Do not pull strongly, otherwise “thread“ can tear. So we connect each ringlet, watching that small knots were exactly perpendicular for what each ringlet, on the one hand already connected, we put exactly in half (a little (!) we pull). And then the turned-out “thread“ we twist in a ball.
Now about products. Thread thickness directly depends on width of the cut-off piece (strip). It already on taste and color … For example, I cut strips 1 wide. 5 - 2 cm. Hook No. 1. 5. If I knit small baskets, then respectively, it is necessary for me that they were dense and held a form. For them I cut strips about 5 cm wide. A hook No. 4 - 4. 5.
Here, actually, and all. Knit on health. You ask what to knit? Yes anything. I, for example, knit slippers, basts, bags, hats, children`s toys, napkins, rugs and many other things. The main thing - the imagination!
couple More of councils:
is Truly said that “New is well forgotten old“. And that this old was easier to be forgotten, it is necessary to change it to unrecognizability. As a result we find absolutely new, exclusive thing which can be sold favourably. I always so do. During cleaning I do audit in cases, I shake out from there all unnecessary things (which became outdated, stretched, became big or small or just bothered), and then I alter them - and already the new thing is ready! Then I sell it or I give to the friends and acquaintances. There is a double benefit: and you will get rid of stuff, and you will earn a money. I wish you the rich imagination and creative approach in any business!