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What has to be elementary school?

We, parents, love the children and we want that they lived happy life. Whether there can be an illiterate person happy? Likely, maybe, if around it the same illiterate people. In a century when possession of information and skills of its receiving considerably facilitate life, the person illiterate - means, helpless.

Helpless will be we force out from active formation of public and industrial life of the country, and therefore will not be able to be happy. Therefore we so worry about education of the children. To change current education to the best, not private changes are necessary: USE, increase - reduction of quantity of objects and even not the talented teacher (though, of course, talented it is better, than the bore or the smiling moral sadist). In my opinion, it is necessary to decide on the universal values which are not depending on age in the beginning. Then - with needs of the state of Russia for shots. And only then to establish the educational standard, methods of training and an assessment of knowledge.

Universal values

first of all wants

of What each adult? The adult wants to be spiritually and physically healthy and to live long. And so, and our children when grow, will want the same. While the child in our power (at least years to 15 - 16), we can help him to grow up healthy, and we can affect his health excessive to its mentality or a body loadings, formation of addictions (for example, sitting in front of the TV or maniacal attachment to the computer), senseless pastime etc. of

Proceeding from above told, and it is necessary to form educational process at school. For this purpose, in my opinion, first of all it is necessary to reconsider radically training in elementary grades .

1. In elementary grades the teacher should not give a mark, other any badges equated to estimates in a notebook to the school student for performance house and classworks. The teacher is obliged to check works of pupils and by red paste to do corrections. Having received a notebook with the work checked by the teacher, the pupil himself or with participation of parents puts to himself an assessment for work. The person of subjects also differs from animals that can and has to itself estimate result of the work.

To Bibles it is written that upon termination of every day God inspected and estimated quality of the work and performance of the plan. In the same place it is written that the person - only of all real on Earth, is created just like God`s. In other words: advantage of the person before animals that he is allocated with ability not only to create something the hands (birds twist nests too), but also to estimate “creation“ as praiseworthy or as “marriage“. A mark which the child gave himself will serve one - definition of its state of mind, the formed character and for introduction of timely adjustment.

Not only that the present school deprives of the child of a possibility of a self-assessment (forming the irresponsible or cunning personality), so also injures his mentality: the assessment for work at this age is identical for it with an assessment him . Especially, if also parents abuse houses for estimates or encourage.

So - in any way not to estimate knowledge and the acquired skills? To estimate, of course! But testing on 100 - mark system 1 - 2 times a half-year, as USE. Why testing? Because at younger age at the child (the earth for reason still flat) and the child accumulates “linear“ thinking knowledge. With them it is the best of all to estimate amount of this knowledge and simple manipulations by tests. The number of the got points should not be such indicator as “excellent student“, “mediocre pupil“ etc. at all. At such system, at last, parents will not want to protect the child from the teacher at any cost, and it will help the child to open the talents without fear to be humiliated.

2. What objects to study at younger school? At this age habits which will remain with the person until the end of his life are formed. Therefore it is necessary to enter objects which will become its hobby that having become the adult, he in a leisure-time wanted to do what brings it joy of creativity, but did not sit stupidly in front of the TV with a can of beer. Have to be such objects, in my opinion: singing, literary readings, dances, sports sections and sports, various needlework, playing a guitar and national tools, drawing, molding, modeling etc. At the same time the child has to have an opportunity to try different areas of such creativity. And by the end of elementary school to have an idea that it is pleasant to it more: to play the guitar, to do models of the ships or to be engaged in karate. Perhaps, this choice of a hobby will help the child and his parents to decide further and on his future profession.

Have to be obligatory objects in elementary grades in a proportion 1:1:1:

the Objects giving knowledge : Russian, reading, mathematics, natural study (in a form 2 - 3 survey lectures a half-year), history of Russia (also in the form of lectures), Fundamentals of Health and Safety (in the form of lectures, but not the former military and not how it is correct to put on a gas mask and where to hide in case of bombardment. The best - visual instruction in shape pass - the performances prepared by children on subjects of “everyday“ situations. For example, how to refuse the cigarette offered by “friend“, etc. The psychologist or the pediatrician could be the best teacher of this subject, in my opinion. At lessons Fundamentals of Health and Safety it is also necessary to teach children of morality.) foreign language.

Objects for physical development : all types of physical culture promoting formation of a steady hobby.

Objects for esthetic development : all types of the above-mentioned creative occupations promoting formation of a steady hobby. For rural areas it is pertinent to teach children to look after animals and to understand agricultural machinery.

the child Graduated from elementary school. Received the document with marks in the Unified State Examination. And his parents can place this “certificate“ with quiet soul in the family archive. The main thing that has to be reached to the termination of elementary school : healthy, strong physically, joyful, benevolent to itself(himself) and others, moderately sociable, taught rules of the hostel and safety, having an idea of the country in which he lives, and about the value of the nature and Earth for him and all people, the happy child. And this child able to estimate the acts and acts of other people and knowing than interesting it is possible to do in the spare time - the real person though also small.