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How it is better for spouses to sleep - together or separately?

a subject of a separate dream of spouses again are actively discussed in recent years by the public. There are supporters only of a joint dream. There are supporters of a dream in different beds. That and others have tens of powerful arguments in favor of the position. Let`s try to estimate impartially all pros and cons of each point of view taking into account scientific researches.

According to scientists, different bedrooms of spouses or at least different beds (if the living space does not allow different bedrooms) unambiguously strengthen marriage between people. Explanation for that very banal. Many men, though part of women too, have snore during a dream. And it is not always pleasant to partner in a bed to listen to these roulades and posapyvaniye.

For a full-fledged and quiet dream, according to scientists, the person needs unambiguously enough space - difficult to sleep and feel like the holidaymaker on 80 centimeters of a bed. And if to take into account habits of the partner in a bed to pull together a blanket in a dream on itself, to scatter hands and legs, to choose inconvenient poses, then in team it is possible to forget about healthy and good rest.

And if to take the esthetic part of a question, then since morning we not always look on five with plus, all this will be after morning washings and an easy make-up or shaving therefore to keep nerves and health of the soulmate too it is necessary. Though there will be supporters of naturalness and will surely tell that if loves, then let loves any or any. All this is good and remarkable, naturalness and naturalness, but are more pleasant to love the washed and brushed partner, but not a sleepy being with the tousled hair and the person which swelled up after a dream.

Supporters of a separate dream also emphasize that this fact very much recovers their intimate life, brings feeling of novelty and an intrigue, reminds of days when everything was only for the first time.

And as heavy artillery supporters of a separate dream on different beds put forward statistics with its severe and impartial figures. From 100 marriages seven break up only because it is uncomfortable and inconvenient to people to sleep together.

Now we will consider the argument of opposite camp, of supporters of hot embraces under one blanket and a dream in one matrimonial bed .

To sleep to one it is unsafe, especially to aged people - the risk of sudden death in a dream or death as a result of heart attack which can occur days at night increases. If near is nobody or the partner will sleep in the next bedroom, the person has a risk simply not to worry this night and not to wake up next morning.

Division in a dream allegedly leads to division in real life. The married couple which does not spend much time in the afternoon moreover sleeps in different beds is on the verge of a rupture of the relations from - for a lack of mutual attention and love. Embraces in a dream, a dream on a shoulder at darling are manifestation of feeling of love too, and those who sleep in different beds lose this opportunity, steal the love from themselves. According to psychologists, formation of a distance between partners, excess divisions can lead to a gap in the relations and to thoughts that you perfectly can not only sleep, but also live without partner.

Statistically, and it, as we know, is impartial, as initiators of different beds during a dream lovely ladies act. They most of all suffer from not rash, Khrapov of the soulmate, tightening of blankets and replacement on edge of a bed. In the United States of America 23 percent of families sleep separately, and by 2015 this figure, according to experts, will increase up to 60 percent.

There are, of course, cases when couple sleeps in different beds or in different bedrooms, or just not together from - for different schedules of work or others the powerful, not depending on them circumstances.

The opinion of doctors in this question is unambiguous - to the healthy adult, whether it be the man or the woman, normal full-fledged life requires about 7 - 8 hours of a dream and rest in days. It is necessary to sleep so much if you want to be healthy and not nervous. In a case when someone from spouses snores, pulls down a blanket, forces out another on edge of a bed or violently behaves in a dream, the second does not take these 7 - 8 hours of a healthy sleep. Already every night. We draw conclusions.

Spouses who chronically do not get enough sleep, become nervous badly fulfill the duties at work, constantly swear and sort out the relations and, eventually, cease to have sex with each other.

If at least one of above-mentioned problem situations is observed at you in a family, maybe, it is worth trying a dream in different beds? And suddenly will help?

The last researches of sexopathologists surprised and dumbfounded at the same time: it appears, the most ideal and regular love joys at those couples which sleep separately, in different rooms.

To fall down together or separately - to decide only to you, but, perhaps, a separate dream that it is capable to recover your marriage.