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What differs in the Air Force from Bee in - Bee - Xi of

the Diary of the President

“Hurrah! Remains 3 weeks and the demobee. Four years as flew by one day. And any hazing for all the time of service. Well, almost any. So, in the beginning, few times … But for good reason. I will not hide. The Air Force with Bee - Bee - Xi mixed. Who knew that we have here still all somehow in Russian … Military Aeroflot and the English news are equally written. But now I know well what buttons in a nuclear small suitcase cannot be pressed precisely. However, its of everything times also showed me. And there is nothing more.
A in the first day appointed the Commander-in-chief! And any courses of the young fighter, a throwing of the grenade, cross-countries, a rank the corporal in half a year. At once most important. At first Cowboys and Indians in 7 years. Then - The Commander-in-chief in 42. Career is purer, than at Alexander of Macedon. Or Napoleon.
I from Gazprom. And there, as it is known “all dreams come true“.
Generals salute. On parade it is possible to sit also the cook - Coca through a tubule. Beauty! Well, about the cook - Coca I bent, of course. And so there was a wish. And bar “Mars“. Or “Snickers“. But restrained. Because the teacher was very good. That, which for the Air Force few times me … Still the tailbone aches.
Yes, here made a photo album of dembelskiya. I and Obama am eaten hamburgers. And here I the tablet am given. I dance “Ameriken fight“ with boys. I look for Georgia on the card. It in 2008. And here still. I and very young, very young journalists from MSU. And eyes such lovers, lovers. And in my University nobody also turned attention. Here what heels high do!
A as me only did not call for these four years! And Tvittry Badmidontovich. And hope of the Russian liberalism. And locum tenens. And Skolkovo dreamer. And half-tandem. And a stamen from a pestle.
A I am not sensitive. Here in one Siberian city cancelled a performance before my arrival “We wait for you, the cheerful gnome“. And would overdo I with pleasure visited that theater.
A here “False Dmitriy - IV“ somehow did not stick. In difference from “Liliputin“. Well and it is fine. “Poured“ separately will be soon. Let`s separate flies from cutlets. Three weeks and - preved, the medical Veda!
A, here still remembered - Ayfonchik. An obvious message to Saltykov to our Shchedrin. And that bad that I love any novelties technical! And in badminton to drive on a lawn. And on skis in Krasnaya Polyana. And the wife to Italy to have a rest. Namayalas here in the homeland, poor thing. Was tired.
of Such President as I, you - long should look for for a long time. And I turned time back for an hour and this opposite renamed militia. And Georgia, so on the card also did not find, won.
is 21 days old to the demobee. Long live freedom. I will be able to play in Cowboys and Indians again. Hi, mother, I come back“!