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How to grow up salad useful and tasty?

Every season on the country kitchen garden I grow up remarkable vegetable culture - salad. Salad grades I tried much, and there is them a huge number now - and not to count!

In the last one or two years I give preference to a grade Kucheryavets Odessky. This semi-cabbage, srednepozdny lettuce has the long period of the economic validity and relative resistance to a steblevaniye. Leaves at Kucheryavts Odessky curly, crackling, fragrant, light-green color, excellent taste and without bitterness.

All salads belong to cold-resistant plants. They can be grown up all summer, but the best temperature for height of 15 - 20 degrees, and in the middle of the summer in hot weather leaves grow coarse. Salad - a plant of long day. It means that at the longitude of light day of 12 hours and more he seeks to tie seeds. Therefore often in summer and spring culture he throws out tsvetonosny escapes - shooters. And as to food there are tasty leaves of salad, but not an arrow and especially not seeds, it is desirable to avoid this process. Therefore I also grow up salad in two steps - in the early spring and at the end of summer because at short day it grows though more slowly, but, as a rule, does not strelkutsya.

At spring crops at the end of April - the beginning of May I grow up salad as intermediate culture, i.e. I place it near cucumbers, vegetable marrows, water-melons or melons. When all salad in June is already cleaned, its place is just required to the expanding lashes of the mentioned cultures.

Salad I sow the second time at the beginning of August, on a vacant place after cleaning of early potatoes, onions, garlic or carrot. In this case salad grows up and reaches readiness degree in September. If the fall is warm, then salad can grow not bad and till November, up to approach of frosts. Of course, during an autumn time of various vegetables there is always a lot of, but also salatik is not superfluous!

I do not introduce any fertilizers under salad and under it I do not dig over a site but only I loosen the top layer of earth with a rake a little and I form a usual bed. Then I do on it grooves at distance of 20 - 25 cm the friend from friends and I sow in them salad seeds on depth of 1,5 - 2 cm. Accurately I fill up grooves, I mulch a bed peat, I water - and all. I prepare seeds itself, quality at them quite good therefore salad perfectly ascends and actively goes at once to growth. Salad is not afraid of spring and autumn frosts, it is not necessary to thin out it, except regular watering, loosening and weedings, he does not demand any special leaving.

But advantage of salad both for adults, and for children - very big. Leaves of this plant contain the mass of various vitamins and minerals, and in such proper correlation that salad has the regulating effect on water balance in a human body and perfectly stimulates digestion. Not without reason to meat dishes also salad, as a rule, is served.

To crown it all listed, svezhesrezanny salad is very nice by sight, possesses dietary properties, is very tasty and is fine addition and ornament for a set of dishes!