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Tomorrow`s phones: the future in our hands?

are a forecast for the subject “What Expects Us Further?“ if you noticed, then all progress gradually moves to unification. Interestingly, who will survive and who will disappear? What will be in a priority? What will cellular networks be?

We will present the future mobile phone.


Would like to remember such situation. In one issue of the magazine of SOTA there was a heading “Future Concepts“ (or something in it a sort). One designer offered completely flexible phone in the form of a tape about 15 cm in length and 5 cm width. Thickness was within 2 mm. Externally the device was continuous touch capacitor the display with all possible functions. Through time NOKIA 888 phone appeared. Enough recently I saw already in a similar heading of the MOBILux magazine the review of a concept of the device with the modular principle. The idea is in that each of devices represented a touch high-functional monoblock. Devices could connect in an end face and form the tablet or the bigger screen.

Forecast . Idea of creation of the universal block quite perspective. It is possible to make, for example, thicker the main block, in the scheme of the tablet. At the same time wider main blocks will have a chamber (as makes up for their size) and, in fact, to be MFT - multipurpose phone. MFT - something like the smartphone or a PDA. Other (thinner) devices will have smaller functionality, but the same quality screens. Them it will be possible to call MT - modular phones, i.e. something like simple mobile phones. What will be the producer or will be them a little - it is difficult to tell. Yet in the market there are no available devices - leaders whose producers could undertake such responsibility. Obviously allocated Apple has inflated price, and they will hardly refuse the OS. Sockets

Here everything is already solved by

. Chargers are already unified, as well as sockets under a font. There were only three types of sockets: USB, HDMI and 3,5 - mm.

Forecast . The standard for exchange of information with external devices - HDMI. So, it is better intended for a file transfer and graphics online. USB will disappear since the personal computer will not be per se (see the previous point), in addition the latest version has big dimensions. It will be impossible to use only wireless interfaces from - for mutual hindrances. Perhaps, also for connection of devices among themselves there will be a forgotten format of a wireless communication IrDra as fastening static and closely. Audio - the socket without options - 3,5 - mm.

the Operating system

About an operating system for future devices - fight of two titans. Mass Android and single firmach of iOC are two real applicants. The first take availability, almost good functionality and the same reliability, the second - limitation, a brand and high rates. The fact that they will become open even more and the best - only toughens their competition.

Forecast . Uniform OS will be Android, I explain why:

- it available - free;

- it mass - more users will be able to use it;

- the Google company conducts an aggressive policy on all directions, including on the Internet, services and, perhaps, will become one of owners of all world Web.

Not telephone functions

Is about a player, a chamber, TV and radio. Here all think that the more - the better. Pixels thousands, optics and other.

Forecast . I do not agree with this opinion as these judgments are not entered in the concept of MFT and MT. Option two:

- or will invent new technologies which will allow to find room super - quality of a photo and video in dimensions of devices;

- or will stop on an optimum of 8 or 12 MPh and will bring optics and ON to an ideal, and will give this niche to special devices.

About a player, television and radio - a question of durability of accumulators and all. This multitasking any more not news, therefore a digital format of broadcasting, powerful transmitters and receivers - everything that is necessary.


is available already accurate tendency Here - operators already everything that could, made free, it was necessary to improve a covering, a communication quality and the Internet. Speak about increase in quality and speed.

Forecast . Why to us cellular communication if there is an Internet? Why to chase parameters of a cellular network if already adjusted Internet in the world? There are two options:

- mobile operators completely will leave and there will be only providers of the Internet, it will replace all communication and will make online - services more available, everything will be the Internet (communication through video conference, social networks and other);

- MFT will work on the Internet, MT - in a cellular network.


Touch and super quality.

Forecast : I will add only new technologies on supermulti - I sharpen, creations multi - the screen (combination of several screens in one), finishing sensitivity and a response, and also with high resistance to scratches and other damages. Perhaps, even the display will be base for other elements, i.e. from it there will be all sockets. It is natural what 3D has to be supported at least by the device if, of course, by then correct all minuses of this technology.

Wireless networks

of Wi - Fi - in everything and everywhere!

Forecast . The fact that the world will be without wires - it is clear. Wires will be only for the protected networks. What it will be the standard? Perhaps Wi - Fi, maybe, Wi - Max. It is natural that quality and speed of data transmission will improve. Whether will die off Bluetooth? A question to producers of a font. On them Bluetooth also keeps, the file transfer is possible also in more modern wireless ways. Besides through these modern wireless types of communication it is possible to operate other devices.


Here tendencies are looked through by

to increase in capacity and minimization of dimensions.

Forecast . Also leaving in other technology on other principles, surely eco-friendly and energy saving technologies is possible.

Producers of devices

the Most probable producer of both types of devices will be the leader of the market.

Forecast . Actually, the leader of the market is ambiguous. It is difficult to estimate Asian, American, European and the CIS - ovskiya the markets. Everywhere there are leaders. One is unambiguous: if the new generation of devices adheres to the mentioned concept, then there will be not enough experience in design only of mobile devices. Therefore or soon we expect appearance of new players in the market, or we observe new associations or absorption.