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Domestic parasites of

For certain many of you suffered from some domestic parasites: mice, cockroaches, bugs, muravyyov etc. I suffered too. And now not. How I fought with them? And here is how.
Councils from personal experience:
1. Ants. On the Internet read that ants are afraid of a smell of bleaching powder, coffee, onions and garlic. Also decided to try all at once. At first vydrait all room water with bleaching powder, then stuffed small pieces of onions and garlic on all cracks, and finally filled on a coffee pinch in each corner of the room and to a threshold... I do not know what helped, but there are no ants in our house now. And still heard that it is possible to take laundry detergent and to strew with a path at thresholds of doors - too good means.
2. The most disgusting parasites in houses - these are dust pincers! The best prevention from them - it is 2 x single airing of the room in days, at least once in day damp cleaning in the room (even without application washing - here house dust moisture to bring down the main thing to a floor, and there a rag damp, and it is even better the washing vacuum cleaner), well and of course to beat out carpets on the street and to air them there, to use pillows and blankets - which of special materials are made).
3. Flies. Main means of fight against flies - it is purity. It is necessary to attach frequent metal gauzes to windows in the summer or to curtain windows a gauze. It is possible to apply pharmaceutical fly agarics to fight against flies. For the summer to each room, especially at the dacha, it is possible to put a flowerpot in which the castor-bean tree is landed. Flies do not take out this smell. When washing windows and floors I add a little kerosene to water.
4. Many troubles are caused by mosquitoes. The itch from their sting can be eliminated with liquid ammonia or solution of soda: 1 / 2 teaspoons of soda on a glass of water. Not to allow mosquitoes to the room, it is enough to pour out a little camphor on a hot frying pan. Mosquitoes do not take out a camphoric smoke. Being in the open air where there are a lot of mosquitoes, it is necessary to drip anisic oil on paper and to rub off them a face and hands.
5. Bees. Fine, but a little known means against a sting of bees - it is the most ordinary blue. After the sting is taken out, the bitten place is moistened with poorly divorced blue several times within several hours. Thus absolutely relieve of inflation of a sore point.
6. Cockroaches. To mix drills powder of 10 parts, rye flour of 5 parts, icing sugar of 5 parts, rosin powder 3 parts. It is necessary to strew with this mix for the night places where cockroaches are found.
7. Worms. In order that in flour worms and weevils, were not brought to each sack (or a jar) with flour or rice I put 2 - 3 heads of the peeled garlic and the garlic divided into segments, strictly watching the top covers of segments when cleaning were not damaged as garlic from it rots.
8. Bugs. Applied all from the following recipes. In weight parts: 1. Green &ndash soap; 4; &ndash turpentine; 1; &ndash kerosene; 2; &ndash waters; 12; Green soap is dissolved in warm water, add turpentine and kerosene at careful agitation. 2. &ndash turpentine; 12 parts; &ndash kerosene; 6 parts; the denatured &ndash alcohol; 3; &ndash naphthalene; 1. Mix liquid structures and in them dissolve naphthalene. Method of application: wash warm water of the place in which there are bugs and their larvae, and put with a brush one of these structures. This operation is repeated by several days before disappearance of bugs.
9. Mice and rats. Kindled 2 parts of fat and added to it 5 - 8 parts of flour and 3 - 4 parts of carbonic barium. All weight is kneaded and skatyvat in balls which then placed in places where mice and rats are found. There is also other means: mix carbonic barium and the barley &ndash flour; 30 parts, &ndash sugar; 1 part. Water is filled in before formation of the test. Use this structure also in the form of balls.
I Hope, councils from my personal experience will help you to get rid of parasites.