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Chronic fatigue: what behind it hides?

are a concept - SCF (syndrome of chronic fatigue) - now became very “fashionable“ and almost noble illness. In fact it is a payment of the person for development of the civilization stuffed with information technologies. The civilization rushing with a wild speed unclear where and why.

But a certain dirty trick roots in its name. The matter is that “syndrome“ - only one of possible displays of any disease. So, the headache or fever can be observed at thousands of painful states. Vegeto - vascular dystonia - the same, can accompany both cold, and oncology.

To what diseases that chronic fatigue is peculiar? It is possible to cope with it only having found out the cornerstone reason.

1. Psychological problems. Psychoinjuries or slow exhaustion monotonous work, a work at full stretch without restoration, the vain repeating attempts to reach impossible. The cornerstone disease is described in the 19th century under the name of a neurasthenia and is put as the diagnosis more and more seldom. Methods of research evolved very dramatically, and behind “the nervous soil“ for which it is possible to write off almost everything (as well as for love), we often see badly cured infection or chronic poisoning. And only if the most careful inspection speaks about a sound body - it is possible to try on with pride “the nervous soil“ on itself.

Signs of a neurasthenia are well-known. It is a condition of irritable weakness with hypersensibility to weak irritants (noise of transport, light of a usual bulb). These are difficulties of falling asleep and the superficial dream which is not bringing rest. It is notorious vegeto - vascular dystonia and constant disagreement with time (intolerance of expectation, frequent haste, it is correct to organize impossibility the working day and a household).

Treatment by pharmacological preparations at the same time plays a supporting role, the main place is allocated to normalization of the mode and a diet (all this the same sanatorno - resort treatment and physioprocedures, remedial gymnastics). Hypnosis and auto-training, including with use of computer programs are very good. Extremely strong thing - the Japanese morita - therapy: consistently the person is isolated, then he is given the chance to work in a garden, then - to use paper and the handle, then - to eat food with others and, at last, to be together with other patients. This state will well respond to treatment, working capacity is restored completely.

2. Chronic infection. For viruses it is possible to write off a lot of things, as for natural disaster too. Especially as we are unsterile it is universal, up to fruits in maternal wombs. So usual blood test and a flyuorogramma, tests for existence of protozoa and parasites and the subsequent consultation of the infectiologist with competent treatment literally revive many people where psychotherapists are powerless. The infectious nature of chronic fatigue can be spoken well long not clear fever or subfebrilitt, increase in lymph nodes, constant character of an indisposition, prevalence of physical fatigue over mental and lack of the obvious psychoinjuring events.

3. Endocrine nature of fatigue. Tens of hormones of the person and difficult hierarchical interactions between them are known. Treatment of the majority of endocrine diseases is well developed - up to lifelong replacement therapy and surgical interventions. However, mostly it is quite expensive. In favor of the endocrine nature of fatigue deviations of growth and body weight, emergence of external signs not peculiar to age, frustration of the sexual sphere can testify.

4. Influence of harmful factors of external environment. Is in competence of production and social hygiene, psychotoxicology, radiology. Usually it is about small and midget influences of chemicals, fields and radiations of the different nature. The chronic fatigue caused by these factors is diagnosed worst of all - they penetrated all our life in any place and age, and in the megalopolis and even less so.

Even having established the fatigue reason, we will not always find a way to escape from negative impact of the permanent ecological reasons. It is enough to remember fields of the computer and mobile phones, composition of water and air, foreign impurity in food. I believe, there are roots of many of “difficult diseases“, and then nothing not understanding patient migrates on the same disoriented doctors.

Perhaps, the only drastic remedy here - periodic change of the place of stay, climate, food - for example, the same sanatorno - resort treatment plus physioprocedures, plus a diet. However, human laziness and stagnancy force us to look for more often easy ways, and we are limited to half measures like drugs and sunbeds.

So the concept of chronic fatigue is very ambiguous. There is no wonder - it was born in response to our incomplete knowledge of the person and environment. But all - the medicine and equipment do not stand still, and the majority of these sufferings can be prevented or cured.