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To marry rural - a failure or prospect?

rural “brake“ made you the proposal? You do not hurry to refuse, especially if there are no applicants for your precious hand and in the near future is not expected. Besides years prop up to a tridtsatnik (or already passed for him), and “collective farmer“ with some stretch quite we accept for a role of the father of your future crumbs.

Doubts haunt? Consider everything as it is possible more in details, suddenly it is that chance to win in a lottery which is given only once in life. What do you risk


Loss of a registration. Unfounded fear. Now it is not obligatory to be written out at all, at the same time it is possible to live though on the Moon. And if nobody, except you, lives in the city apartment, will be very practical to lease it, the excess income prevented nobody yet.

Difficulties of rural life. If so horrors of a cowshed frighten, it is possible and to use cunning, bargain with darling “ashore“, having set the conditions. Like, I will not milk a cow, an allergy to milk, and it is exclusive on skin of hands (that is it is possible to drink). It is unlikely the guy will be so mistrustful to suspect of deception. And there can be at the city bride some whims?

And further you will understand, you look, everything will be not such and terrible, and the allergy will recover wonderfully.

Loss of friends. To regret, they are lost for a long time, since that moment as descended in a registry office and found family happiness. Or represent a family in a civil marriage.

As a last resort will help out social networks. Now many rural settlements are strongly braided by a favourite Web so fears in this respect should tell almost sure “Is not present!“. If the Internet so far in this district is inaccessible, there is phone.

It is a shame before people around. Well as and what the princess Marya Alekseevna will think?!

Nothing terrible, everything is solvable. Tell to pathos acquaintances of “sudden and inexplicable“ a change in the consciousness which turned you into the supporter of downshifting, eskapizm and other pseudo-intellectual pieces. Against such arguments glamourous friends will definitely not resist.

What you get?

Healthy food and breath. Clean air plus products from the producer without preservatives, fragrances and other “improvers“ of taste. Taste of food “from the earth“ will be in itself excellent - it what you also never felt in the stone jungle.

On genuine milk and sour cream your son will grow up the athlete, and the daughter will receive good hair, skin and teeth. Gloss in eyes, strong immunity and absence of neurosises - features of a rural growing. And at what else swear it is necessary?

Communication with the nature. What there Hawaii! East European Plain much more umirotvorenny more natively. Not to mention the woods, mountains, the rivers and lakes. Besides nobody forever cancels Hawaii and other Turkey. Birches with pines will bother, it is possible and to go to the warm sea.

Commercial interest. In the village can begin the business. Besides - it is necessary. Now even French come to teach the Russian men to grow up pigs on new technologies. And than you it is worse than the coddled messieurs?

There is a lot of scope in the village, it is even more cheap labor. Also you should not wrinkle a nose fastidiously! Yes, all delicacies are made far from perfumery benches, however considerably surpass ephemeral production of the last in consumer value.

By the way, do not want banal pigs, it is not necessary! There are still cows, rabbits, hens, turkey-cocks, bees … Ostriches, at last!

And horses?! The stable, hippodrome, and there and school of a dressage … Guests from the city and capital … Marya Alekseevna will be fascinated … Dinka from department of marketing with envy will be suffocated … Eh, beauty!

Status. you will be on the village the first lady … or the second. Especially, if business burns out and from the ordinary “summer resident“ causing easy contempt of natives you turn into dear matron. When in the city such opportunity is presented?

And as a hobby you will arrange “salon“ and you will shock local ladies with terms systemically - vector psychology.

By the way, “brake“ can be that only by sight. On closer examination it will become clear that it and is that real man about whom all girls, regardless of their level of snobbery and the number of diplomas dream of the higher education.

Perhaps, your husband “from the remote place“ will not learn to understand man`s fashion and piercing, but will be able to build the estate, to put the oak avenue and to incur you on hands if you unintentionally sprain a leg, landing from a stroller …