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How to live 100 years without being ill?

our health - in our hands. At the person the most precious in life is health. There is health - other all is put. Health initially, the rest everything again. And it is possible to speak about importance of health a lot. But why we give the latest place to our precious health?! It is necessary to improve! Councils from personal grandmother`s experience:
1. Not to drink, not to smoke, not to be nervous (whenever possible), well you will force to play sports of hardly anyone, so at least on foot you go more, walk.
2. A cold shower and douches in the winter ice water (bathing in an ice-hole). The grandmother told: I decided to have a shower bath ice water. Consulted with doctors, received categorical is NOT PRESENT: “What you, unless it is possible for you with such osteochondrosis?!“ I spat, drank in the first day for bravery a sotochka and forward with a bucket on the 15th-degree frost. In two weeks of douche I felt that something is not enough for me for “happiness“, there are waist pains. From this day I forgot about pains. What occurred, at douche there is the strongest inflow of blood, at first narrowing, and then expansion of vessels. Here my way of treatment 7 - mi a summer lumbar ostekhandroz was such. I do not stop having a shower bath since then.
3. Healthy nutrition. Than the food and more naturally is simpler, it is more useful to those. This milk, cottage cheese, grain, fruit, vegetables, greens. Everything where in a product E 256 is written.... to exclude, etc.!
4. Work. You will work more, you will not be lazy, you will longer live. All diseases not only (as speak) from nerves, but also from laziness. Do not allow a body to be lazy. Move more. The movement is life.
5. Starvation. Not starvation per se, but not supersaturation of an organism food means. As in East proverb “That who eats when it is full, the teeth digs to himself a grave“. Surplus of food will go to fatty folds. Here everything simply and is not necessary what nutritionists.
6. Drink. In day it is necessary to drink 2 - 2,5 pure liters. Tea, other liquids is not counted. Thanks to this simple method it is possible to cure a set of diseases. Such as: Gastrointestinal tract (zhelud. kishechn. a path), kidneys are washed out well, the metabolism is restored, joints cease to hurt. Shortage of liquid leads to diseases in joints, there is a dry friction, from here pains, an inflammation. When in an organism the balance is restored liquid, problems just there is no place to undertake. It is proved by scientists that at the cellular level there is an intensive process of aging because of shortage of liquid. It is all the same that when juice is squeezed out of a lemon, it turns into the wrinkled, grown old fruit at once. Here one of simple methods which is available, simple and does not demand time. Though it is necessary to force itself.
7. Do not forget about health of teeth. Everywhere, where it is only possible advertizing in newspapers, on TV about toothpastes, cleaning which you will have no problems with teeth, will not bleed Desna. Over it the whole institutes, work on creation of toothpastes, tubes different from a paradantoz. Are inflamed a gum, bleed all this consequence of the fact that microbes in an oral cavity destroy our teeth. Treatment is simpler than the soared turnip. Before going to bed to moisten a finger and having dipped into powder of baking soda rub a gum, and in the morning, as usual, to clean toothpaste. In a mouth there will be no microbe, all diseases of an oral cavity will disappear. And nothing should be composed here, imposing us some production. It is influenced and checked. There is one more method which does not demand any efforts. Everything is simple and practical.
8. The love works wonders. If the person loves, it gives it strength to live and if the person is loved, then it allows it sense to live. You love and be darlings.
Following this simple advice, you prolong to yourself healthy life!
P. S. Favourite comic saying of my grandmother: The husband will leave, the girlfriend will betray, and only health will be always with you.